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Aikula @ radio Student, Slovenia, January 6 2015

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Dec 022014

Zwarte Piet (Black Pete)

Instead of generalizing all Dutch people regarding their racist attitude towards ‘Zwarte Piet’ here a few comments from inhabitants of The Netherlands:

“a colonial hangover.”
“a cheerful relic from racist times”
“Zwarte Piet is, indeed, offensive due to the character’s continued role in perpetuating negative stereotypes of black people”

sinterklaas_zwaaienWhen will this worshipping of a ‘superior’ white race be over in The Netherlands?

In addition my comment on all defends:
Whatever historic reason you find on the web justifying the skin colour of ‘Zwarte Piet’, remember, these stories are impossible to check on reliability and therefore doubtful truth. Time is mostly the reason, and its the ‘now-time’ we live in.
Users of terms like ‘tradition’ skate on dangerous ice. This term can lead to a quick slide direction ‘nationalism’ slipping towards……’fascism’……. I hope the ice cracks here……….

Nov 142014

The fucked up promoter Ruslan

All in the year 2014.
Only the information concerning subject are copied and paste from relevant mails
XXXXX means scratched out info for privacy reason.

After already many mails and one cancellation due to logistics:

July 23 9.22pm I suggest to Ruslan new Ukraine dates for PTV3:
“I suggest following schedule, hopefully possible from your side:
Tuesday 2: Depart NY
Wednesday 3: Arrival Kiev, rest
Thursday 4: Kiev, gig
Friday 5: Travel to Kharkov
Saturday 6: Kharkov, gig
Sunday 7: Travel to Kiev
Monday 8: Depart Kiev back to NY”
July 23 9.48pm . Ruslan reacts (and confirms) on my proposal for the new dates in the
“I would like to suggest to go that way with our shows:
I’ll begin the promo of shows from next week, for example. if we’ll see that Ukrainian
situation won’t stabilize, we’ll return to discus an opportunity of cancellation of Ukrainian
tour and I’ll anounce about cancelation both shows. If we’ll take a proof of stabilization our
situation till the last week of September, I’ll bok fligths and the band will go to Ukraine
What could you tell me about this suggestion?”
Here he writes and suggests to book flights end of September!
Few minutes later, for getting a clear confirmation, I write to Ruslan at 9.54pm:
“Last week of September 100% confirmation fine. Do you agree with the schedule Kiev Dec 4, Kharkov Dec 6?”
He prompt replies: “yes”
July 27 9.38pm. I write to Ruslan:
“Ok, we can move on with the plan. You can start announcing and selling tickets.
Kiev, December 4
Kharkov, December 6
Purchase of air tickets end September.
Is it possible payment is done in $ instead of Euro? We talk about apprx $ XXXXXX for both
Do you need a contract?
Can you wire an advance (usually 50%)? I can supply an invoice.
If yes, please mail me official details I should address the contract/invoice with.”
August 12 10.41 Ruslan replies:
“Yes, those dates are confirmed. yes, the payment in $ is possible. Yes I need contract for
payment via bankwire:
Business name: FOP Chyzhychenko Ruslan Volodymyrovich
tax number: 2661515392
address: 2, Chychybabin str., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61058″
On August 18 I email Ruslan the contract and invoice.
On October 2 I email Ruslan info about the 3 different flight requests (JFK-Kiev,
XXXX leaving earlier to Europe, my return from Slovenia). It is after the ‘ticket
purchase’ deadline, September!
On October 6 I remind Ruslan on my mail of October 2. Production must start. Two
months before is a normal period to start the production and PTV3 member XXXX
sends me mails asking about his ticket, he leaves earlier to Europe, in November (within one month).
October 7. Online with Skype I sent Ruslan a message with a request to react on my
mail. He replies (on Skype chat) few hours later, “you get an email tonight”.
Nothing came.
October 9 8.20am I again write Ruslan with the request to react and express my concern
” If I don’t hear from you today I will have doubts if the Ukraine gigs are actually
Later that day, 3.29pm Ruslan reacts mainly copy and pasting out of my mail and
asking information about issues that are already clearly explained in the same mail sent a week earlier by me:
“Flying from and return to New York JFK are:
Will these people fly to Kiev, on Tuesday, Dec, 2nd from JFK?
Will XXXXXXXX fly to Kiev from Zurich or Basel on Dec,3d?
Will you depart to Kiev on December 3 from Triest (Italy) or Ljubljana (Slovenia)? When can
you tell me what point of departing should be?”
Contract signed and attached returned in this same mail.
Same day, 40 minutes later I reply confirming all flight requests (for the second time)
and reminding Ruslan that we are long past the date that tickets are supposed to be
Few hours later I email him again suggesting in-expensive flights (LuftHansa) that
would be ideal for all
Ruslan replies quickly: “I’ve understood everything with flights, will begin to book them
tomorrow and will send you all ways that I’ll like.” In the same mail he drops the remark: “I care about Genesis and other artists…”
Clearly no action regarding purchasing a ticket has been taken. He still has to come up
with a suggestion…’tomorrow’.
This was the third time Ruslan promise me a clear date when he will react…
October 15 7.12 Ruslan comes with flight proposals. JFK-Kiev what looks ok, for XXX
from JFK to Dusseldorf with Air Berlin departing on November 9. Only mistake is that Ruslan thought I would fly back to NY too. I inform him about this mistake and
propose a flight from/to Trieste.
I inform XXX about his flight, he agrees.
October 17, two days later I realize that the flight from JFK for the band is on
December 2, departing shortly after midnight arriving the same day. A day too early.
Ideal if this same flight would be on the 3rd. I inform Ruslan about this by email.
On 20 October (5 days after his mail of flight proposals, 20 days after the flights should have been purchased) still no reactions from Ruslan. I sent him an email “Just want to see if all my messages got through regarding the flights and the overseen mistakes (my flight plus one day to early from NY). Can you inform me about the status?”
Ruslan reacts within 60 minutes:Yes, Matski – everything is fine. will send you tickets in
the nearest days”.
October 27 (one week and ‘nearest days’ later) I sent Ruslan mail on which he replies
same day answering after every paragraph:
“What is the status of the other flights? You informed me that tickets supposed be sent to me last days. – All tickets already booked exept tickets Kharkov-JFK I’ll send my suggestion about this flights a little bit later today and will send you tickets after your confirmation of flight”
I would also like to remind you that we agreed the $ XXXXX advance to be wired before
November 1, what will be in a few days. Attached again the invoice with necessary bank info. - Yes, I’ll send you the advance intil Friday.
October 28 Ruslan emails new flight proposals JFK-Kiev with Lufthansa with change
over in Germany, and also proposes my return ticket.
The same day I confirm these flights are ok.
November 4 2.29pm Email from Ruslan:
“The money was already sent to you. The procedure of payment was began last Friday.
Please advise me when you’ll get it.
Ticket for XXXX will send you tonight or tomorrow morning, other tickets already booked too and I’ll sent them a little bit later.”
On November 7, two days before XXXX departure, Ruslan sends me XXXX’s ticket. Its
a very different ticket as agreed (with a massive detour over Moscow). I was not
previously approached about this change. The ticket was purchased that same day, last
minute. It was Friday, XXXX leaves Sunday. The last possible working day before he
leaves. Its too late to change the ticket. I feel pulled in a ‘trick’ and send immediately an email to Ruslan:
“its different than agreed??????????????”
Then I call him, but the connection was bad. Still I understood from Ruslan that “he
was not aware of the ticket change, the mistake must have been made with the travel
agent who thought this ticket was better because cheaper”
I also asked him about the advance. Its already one week overtime. If the wire
procedure started there must be bank-papers for proof.
The connection was really bad so we decided to go further by email.
Few minutes later I had an email from him:
“I have the payment order and will send you this one with other tickets Monday-Tuesday
when I’ll back to Kharkov. Other tickets was bought exactly how we’va agreed early! My
travel agent told me that a few minutes ago.
According our crisis legislation we have to buy foreign currency (USD) on banking market and currency purchasing must make after 6 days from the payment order’ making”
Tuesday November 11, 6.31pm. 3 weeks from supposed gigs in the Ukraine. End of
another day Ruslan promising to sent me the tickets and proof of wiring the advance.
Its one hour later in the Ukraine. Everything is closed there, office hours are over. I send Ruslan an email:
“I am on the point contacting Genesis and Eddie to consider cancellation. I lost my trust in this”
Ruslan replies 30 minutes later:
“I’m on the road to Kharkov. will send you tonight!!! Сould you wait for my email a little?”
I wait till its midnight in the Ukraine. Reading above I make a simple calculation:
With this one its 8 times Ruslan made me a promise he didn’t keep.
It becomes very difficult for me to believe action is taking purchasing plane tickets and
XXXXs ticket was last minute and the ‘wrong’ ticket.
I start to feel this as an insult on my professional approach doing this job.
Same night:
I write an email to XXXX of PTV:
“This is going to be a lesser happy mail. I am on my end with the Ukraine. I don’t know
where to start explaining, but this promoter makes endlessly promises he doesn’t keep. Let me try to make a balance:
- He doesn’t send be proof of bank wire (I assume no money came in yet)
- He says tickets are purchased but doesn’t sent them to me (I think nothing is purchased)
- He bought last minute a ticked for XXXX that was not agreed with, but too late to change.
My fear is that he will do the same trick to us as with XXXX, purchasing last minute tickets that are impossible travel routes and too late to change.
Regarding the shows in the Ukraine (to his credit)
- They are announced and tickets are on sale
- He did invest purchasing a ticket for XXXX
- He did return and sign the contract
His English is bad. Maybe he doesn’t understand everything but I also told him that already and advised to take a translator (person, not program).
Somehow I am stuck and get tired endlessly chasing this guy. Don’t want to cancel the gigs yet. Still I want you to be aware of this situation.
For me the Ukraine trip is already a hell….”
At 1.26am (midnight) I sent Ruslan following mail:
“Well Ruslan. Its already after midnight and again you made another promise you didn’t
keep. Why do you even bother to make these promises all the time when you can’t keep them? You raise false expectations plus I am getting on a point where it becomes very difficult to believe you. I prefer more talking facts, fulfil them and doing honest business instead of wasting time on empty promises.”
This same night I start to look around and send emails to people who where involved
with Ruslan organizing gigs. Replies are not very positive. Here a few quotes copied andpaste (most contacts don’t want to be involved or mentioned, “keep this mail between us”, what I respect):
“the show in Kharkov and Kiev were canceled by Ruslan in 2 days before the concert!”
“he lied again that money was sent prepaid, but in fact they have not seen the money ofcourse.”
“many people can not get money back for canceled concerts but Ruslan almost every 2
weeks announces new shows with new artists. This is crazy.”
“I think this man is a liar. now he is in my black list.”
“he will begin to tell you that has already sent the money but there are some problems
with the banks because of the war in Ukraine. I hear this story for several months and it is certainly lie.”
Meanwhile XXXX of PTV reacts on my mail:
“I read everything over and it sounds terrible. I am so sorry you are having to go through
this. The things he has done ‘to his credit’ seem very small compared to all the stuff he is
fucking up on. No money has been wired as of yet.
If this guy is going to make this trip a hell then it’s not worth doing. Still, you’ve put a lot of work in and come this far…but if this is turning out to be a disaster, then it might be better to pull the plug.
What do you think?”
I reply with ‘waiting a bit and see what happens. We can always simply not go’
At 6.24am I get following email from Ruslan:
“I understand your action with this situation I just came back to Kharkov and I’m ready to send you all information that you’ve asked. But in this situation… anyway, could you advise me about Genesis and Eddie opinion and your decision? What have I do?”
I reply at 8.11am:
“I’ve been talking with other people in the industry of recent gigs you where suppose to
‘organize’. There is a very bad rap going around about you. Few lines out of emails some
people sent me:
“the show in Kharkov and Kiev were canceled by Ruslan in 2 days before the concert!”
“he lied again that money was sent prepaid, but in fact they have not seen the money of
“many people can not get money back for canceled concerts but Ruslan almost every 2 weeks announces new shows with new artists. This is crazy.”
“I think this man is a liar. now he is in my black list.”
“he will begin to tell you that has already sent the money but there are some problems with the banks because of the war in Ukraine. I hear this story for several months and it is certainly lie.”
Obvious in a situation like this if you still want PTV3 to perform these 2 shows in the Ukraine I can only demand full advance payment $ XXXXXXX on the bank account as instructed in the invoice sent earlier, latest on the bank now Friday November 14, and the tickets being sent today.”
I also inform XXXX (PTV3 member), who is already in Europe, about the situation
(and possible cancellation).
At 9.20am I get a reply from Ruslan on my previous email:
“Yes, Matski, this is very sad but those word are almost true.
Yes, I’ve the two shows which was canceled with my fault.
Yes, I’ve got two times when I’ve lied people that I’ve sent them payments.
You want to peceive the tickets and full advance payment, aren’t you? Well, you want that I should be honest with you, here are my reply to you:
I’ve bought different ticket for XXXX because the cost of agreed ticket became very-very high. It’s became more than 20.000,00 UAH then the bought ticket costs almost 9.000,00 UAH. Agreed tickets for other member has already booked but not payed. Booking shield I can send you a little bit later – I have to connect with my tickets agent, she’s out of office yet. You could ask me why I still didn’t pay for these tickets. My answer will be very simple: who can tell me what situation have we got here next day?
You tell me that I lie people. I have three very good lessons with cancelation of shows with artists initiative last spring. Did you forgot this? PTV3 were one of them. I lost a lot of money last spring… By the way, probably one of people who talked with you has cancel their show in Kharkov before a week to the show due the referendum in Crimea! Can you keep in your mind? we have more than 1000 miles between Kharkov and Crimea and show was canceled… and I still can’t refund my money…
Now about the payments situation.
As I meantioned for international payment I have to buy USD on Ukrainain bank market. this act should make on 6th day after the sending of requirement to purchase of foreign currency. I’ve sent the requirement and the payment’ order on 31th of October at the same time I’ve sent XXXXXXXX UAH to buyng USD XXXXXX. But during the time of requirements action the rate of UAH was felt down and USD has became to cost 15,95 UAH per 1 USD. That’s all, I have to begin all procedure from starting. You want that I’ll send you full advance payment until 14th of Nov. I can tell you honour – I can’t do this. First of all, I will have this amount before next Wednesday not early, 2nd reason, I have to go in Kiev tomorrow and meet there one of the my guest band and to work with them one show in Kiev on 14th of Nov and one show in Kharkov on 15th of Nov.
Another one thing that I want to tell you about the PTV3′ Ukrainian tour – as I’ve mentioned I wait for sold out of your shows, that is true, at the same time I’m waiting to loose something beside USD 2000,00 due the currency rate felt. But I’m ready to this because your fans wit for you, because I cost my words and try to keep my reputation too.
I think that this is true brave to work in Ukraine in our conditions.
Well, regarding those people I can tell you only one – I always do my duties sooner or later but always.
So, what could you say?
P.S. This mail was wrote without any dictionary. How many errors are here?)))”
I decided not to respond to any of the issues in this mail of which some are not true, I
can proof. Its useless energy about bulshit. So I write Ruslan one line:
“Ruslan. 8 times you made me a promise you didn’t keep! What do you expect?”
Ruslan replies:
“I’m just waiting for your decision about our situation, that I’ve sent you early. Please
I reply (one line):
“PTV3 will not go on a plane to the Ukraine unless the full payment is received in advance on XXXX’s bank account”
Ruslan replies:
“This is completely clear for me! How much time do I have for the payment? Could you send me XXXXXX account?”
Ok, I am done for a moment and put myself on a break (make some coffee, cook
breakfast (vegan),…) just to calm down. Obvious I can not expect anything from this. In
my mind I am done with the Ukraine and move to other jobs that actually bring me
somewhere instead emailing in circles. Just scroll back on this page and you can read
that I wrote to Ruslan: ‘advance latest Friday November 14′, plus I sent him the invoice with all payment/bank details already twice! Plus….. he wrote to me about starting the wiring process two weeks ago! How can he do that without knowing the bank details? This guy takes serious efforts making a total fool out of himself!
Still I reply:
“Invoice with all payment details sent to you twice already but here attached again.
Friday November 14 at least a proof of wiring (scan paperwork)
Today proof of air-tickets.
Don’t keep on asking things sent earlier. This is emailing in circles. Have no time for this, I am busy.”
The communication stops. No more mails from Ruslan.
XXXX who is in Europe writes me that he is going to arrange his own travel because he doesn’t believe in it anymore.
I reply to do so, I don’t see it happen either.
Next day, Thursday November 13, 3.34pm an email from XXXX PTV3 forwarding me
a mail from another Ukraine promoter “We would like to know the possibility of makingPTV concert in Kiev in 2015. Unfortunately next month show in Ukraine is cancelled by promoter” ???????????????
It seems Ruslan cancelled the gigs without informing the band, but some people in the
Ukraine seem to know. I reply on this mail asking how he knows and what is the reason.
Reply: “Ruslan fucked up with so many projects so there are no trust anymore.
The reason of cancellation – yesterday he announce that he’s closing his company and
cancelling all shows “
Later that day I inform the band the gigs are cancelled and send Ruslan an invoice for
the cancellation costs.
14 November, 6.44am Ruslan replies on my invoice:
got it, Matski, will pay!
Hahaha. The guy has ‘humor
To be ahead on questions and remarks on above I certainly will get from some people:
– Why didn’t you check this promoter out before dealing with him?
Ruslan was a direct contact from another promoter who I worked with often and is very
reliable. The earlier this year cancelled Ukraine show came through him with Ruslan as local promoter. So the connection was already there and I had no reason for doubt.
I also have the impression that this reliable promoter just very recently found out about
Ruslan fucking up.
– Why did it take so many mails before you where getting in doubt?
I do productions from behind the computer. Its endlessly replying and sending emails for
several performances dealing with at the same time. Its answering incoming mails not realizing how long some issues are dragging on. Sad enough, my experience is that 50% of the promoters react slow or late, Ruslan didn’t stick out. Reading this back I think by myself ‘how could I be so stupid’. But probably I would have the same thought re-reading email conversations of other gigs that did happen. With Ruslan I had many more mails. Most email conversations are not mentioned in this document. They are about other subjects concerning these performances (transport/technical/food/……..). What you read above is not the only conversation between us. I did had my doubts at a certain moment. Early October, when the air tickets where supposed to be purchased and Ruslan did not react. I asked someone for his phone number, just in case…. but another email came in and the conversation moved on.
– For those in a sentimental mood after reading Ruslans mail of 12 November 9.20am here my comment on his bulshit:
Ticket: When Ruslan proposed the ticket it was still very cheap. Of course tickets get
expensive when you purchase them 2 days before the flight. Anyway, the agreement was that no ticket would be purchased without my permission…. he did.
“who can tell me what situation have we got here next day?” Hahaha, in April when the
Ukraine was in a total state of chaos, violence and war, Ruslan was the one who tried to
convince me how safe and stable it was in the Ukraine. Now all a bit calmed down and
violence limited to a clear territory Ruslan uses the ‘unstable’ situation as a defend! Get lost!
PTV3 cancellation in the spring was due to logistics. It was in a tour with confirmed dates
and travels. Due to limited flight options we could not get to and from Kharkov within this schedule.
The gigs in December suppose to come forward to his lost in the spring.
Ruslan should have started the advance payment half September, so it would have arrive
within agreed time and he had no currency problems. Ruslan broke the contract!
Rest of that email are nonsense. Cheap excuses for a fuck up.
I advice everybody not to deal with this guy in whatever kind of business.
Watch out for this guy:
His name: Chyzhychenko Ruslan Volodymyrovich
Address: 2, Chychybabin str., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61058
Telephone: + 380675785591
Email: kadotnakryloatgmaildotcom
Use google translation (or other), or better, drop a message on his page, call him, send mails.


Oct 162014

Its time for a post again. A kinda real one…. Didn’t do much writing last months. Mainly posting events and such. Its very busy and often I am too tired. ‘Live is sucking me dry’ as Genesis (PTV3) would say. A pro po, PTV3. Yep, had a short fun tour with them , uhhh…almost one month ago… Anyway, for a change I took some pictures. Not the usual you can expect from ‘bands on stage’, but ‘weird’ things. Bucharest, around the corner of the hotel. Look at the electricity wiring chaos.

I followed the lines. These wires are connected! Except one…

Yep, ending on the pavement.
Have a closer look:

Yes, open wiring….Lucky, it wasn’t raining…

Funny moment during the soundcheck in Brussels. The db meter (decibel loudness in venue) goes into red while on 69.7 db. Max is 102! Interesting, 69 db is about a normal speaking voice volume. O well, it is an Acer computers with Microflop program. The worst combination in the world.

And here good fun. The new promo picture of PTV3:

ptv3_ Jorge_Pereira

Oct 092014

Soon a post again but first this:




SEE PAGE http://www.shinafest.com/shinafest-2014/ HOW IT WAS, and



Shinafest 2014 gallery added on this Limbabwe site. Click on ‘Image Gallery’ in the main menu on your right.

Shinafest originally started by Gregor Zupancic (Kud Avgust) and Matski (Limbabwe).
Matski based in Idrija for a while. In this period Gregor approached Matski in a bar (Kavarna) after visiting the Limbabwe site. He was impressed by Test Dept and found out that Matski worked for them in the 80ties. The conversation quickly moved towards performances and having a gig with Dallas Kingston Kollektor (Gregor organized gigs). Few drinks later the gig idea turned into a yearly festival. That year, 2010, Shinafest was a fact. The first year the festival was realized without a budget. From then it is supported by the Municipal of Idrija and Ministery of Culture Slovenia.
After few years Tilen joint giving support towards publicity and promotion.

Goal is to present a variation of artists/events/performances/documentations pushing usual limits.The word ‘experimental’ is given by language limited choice attempting defining (labelling?) the festival, leaving the interpretation to everybody individual.

Sep 302014

Thanks to all our hosts for the FMSA West Coast Detour! We love and appreciate your massive contributions to our musical circus. Thanks to all who joined in the fun to create new sounds and ideas for how to make music a community event at BART stations, parks, sidewalks in front of banks, mountain tops, living rooms, bee goddess islands, town squares, inside giant hands, and outside in windstorms. Thanks to Paul for the blogs!

Back in Portland and on to p:ear jam tonight, http://pearmentor.org/.

Keep rockin’ people!

Sep 272014

We said goodbye to Carmel with a morning walk on the beach. Heading north we made it to San Jose for a quick Indian food lunch. Then on to San Francisco. We set up at the end of Haight Street and Derrick magically appeared – keyboard in hand. Just as soon as we got warmed up a local constabulary official began a recitation of arcane excuses for his inability to prioritize safety over “duty” and we were forced to end the sounds that had generated peace and happiness in the park.

Thursday brought us out to the Mission neighborhood for an educational exploration of the history of Funk and then a hands on demonstration of one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to “signify” with a musical statement. We had the professor of funk on drums and some great locals on bass and vocals. Just another awesome warm sunny summer day in San Francisco!


Free Music SF at Ocean Beach
The wind was blowing hard but Free Music forged ahead and staked down the drums on Ocean Beach. Bonfires roared and we made lots of new friends who joined in to create a memorable jam. We left with smiles on our faces and sand in our cases.

20140925_171912-1 (1)

Sep 242014

Free Music: Carmel, Point Lobos, Big Sur
An amazing couple of days on the California coast. Beach walk in Carmel last evening then we wandered down the street for a private back porch Free Music celebration of life with the best of friends. Today hiking and photography at Point Lobos and Big Sur.







Sep 232014

Tacoma Washington ,,,,,,,,,
Free Music at the sea wall. Another beautiful day with beautiful people and free music. =A new sound with Art on keys and another day of learning listening teaching learning – that’s what its all about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks to Art and family for the fun, food and music. More jams soon.

Indian buffet lunch in Olympia) ok – on to the waterfront and an awesome jam with ArtisThe Spoonman. Sidewalk artists created a colorful tapestry surrounding us and young and old joined us to celebrate the day.
Thanks to Leslie and Alec for an awesome time! They have their own lovely peace of heaven and we will be back soon.

Here we go . . . .
Last September we were playing with Shinafest in Slovenia – Shout out to Matski, Zoran, Tilen, Jan and friends in Idrija. Shinafest is happening NOW! Tune in and plan to be there next time.
Free Music! Stop America! is setting off tomorrow for Port Townsend and a jam on the sea wall about 3pm. You may hear us before you see us . . . so come on down and jam.
Keep rocking and keep in touch. . .




Free Music takes on Mt Ranier! Sunny skies greeted us as we started our hikes from the Paradise visitor center. The views are spectacular and friendly marmots popped up to greet us as we made our way up above the tree line to our lunch spot by the glaciers. Back at the base we enjoyed a feast before heading back to Portland…but we’re back on the road tomorrow!





Free music and the bee goddesses. ..
Ashland Oregon home of the sacred temple of beekeeping. ( but first a stop for Indian buffet in Eugene!)
Free music celebrated the bees and thier keepers in the apple garden with the bear goddess and the priestesses who sang and danced with us. ..later we took to the streets jamming with local performers in the city square late into the night.


Free Music Chico edition….
Free Music was embraced by a sculpture of giant hands at the Chico municipal building just off the main square. It seemed like everyone walking by was carrying a guitar. We hijacked some local jammers on their way to a gig and kids and parents joined in to make a wild rhythm section. Then a musical journey to north Africa with Soloman who danced with some amazing traditional Ethiopian moves. A huge drum tried to pass by but was detoured by the sights and sounds and soon the boom resonated in time to the Free Music beat. More travelers continued to join us – singing, dancing, shaking, rattling and rolling into the night.

free music hit the streets of San Francisco – playing in the Haight at the entrance to Golden Gate Park. Derrick appeared out of the fog toting a keyboard and we got him hooked in to our mobile rig for some unique percussive rhythms. The mayor and his associate worked out on a huge sidewalk art piece and a traveling drummer sat in on the flat kit. Friends old and new stopped to jam. As the sun set and the temperature dropped we called it a night and loaded up the little red wagon.
Free music Santa Cruz
The kids ruled in SC! With a bas trio and dueling drummers in the living room the guitars were outmatched for once. The youngsters surprised us all when held down the beat on some deliciously funky tunes while the adults tried to hang on.
great weekend with boogie boarding, beachwalks, great food, music, games and fun! My first time in a wet suit!

Sep 152014





Live moves on. On the road with PTV3. See dates on the frontpage. Come and check it out