Mar 082019

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World wide contact for: AIKULA

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Oct 282018

Wer nicht dasselbe erfahren hat wie ich,
soll mich kein Rat geben

Who has not experienced the same as me,
should give me no advice

Oct 122018


Observing humanity, most seem to need a ‘smart’ device

Oct 072018

Despite Genesis P Orridge illness, s/he is fully confident visiting Europe with Psychic TV/PTV3 to perform the 2 concerts in London and Berlin. These concerts will probably be the last European PTV3 performances for many years with the hope Genesis will fully recover from her leukemia.

Oct 062018

From the ‘Worst-Album-Covers’ list:

My Opinion: One of the best (and funniest) album covers ever…….

Oct 022018

To be invisible
Will be my claim to fame
A man with no name
That way, I won’t have to feel the pain

Just a plain old human being
Today, don’t mean a thing
In a world that’s so mean

A world that seems not for me
So privately, I’ll be invisible
That way, I won’t have to explain a thing, if you know what I mean
I won’t even have to be here, on the scene

It’s so ridiculous
But the strife and the bliss
Will go right on through, right on through me
To have missed

All the things that hurt your soul
No one would ever know
They’d never know

Life so preciously
Just don’t seem to be
As free as they claim freedom to be

Things are going fast
To have found that all is in the past
To have to take what you can get
Sure can make a heart upset

So I’ll be invisible

Sep 122018

Man in tobacco shop
reads ‘smoking kills’ on many packagings
His thought: ‘might give that a try’
“How many until it works” he asks the counterman
“No idea, it varies per person” is the reply.
“I’ll take 50 of these packages”

One week later
The man returns in the tobacco shop
and throws 50 empty cigarette boxes on the counter.
“It didn’t work. I like to have my money back”