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LOCATION: Idrija / Slovenia / Europe
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Aug 272015

Ok slaves, lets move on with my local stores story. Yes: slaves! Thats what you are, don’t deny, you love it and choose volunteer to be one. If you don’t like it, hang yourself! No rope? Jump of the cliff (ropes aint what they use to be anyway). Contribute to the overpopulation, especially slaves we have too many.
Anyway, across the, in previous post mentioned, Mercator is a store of the second biggest supermarket chain in this territory, called TUS (pronounce toeschj). TUS came fairly quick after the fall of Yugoslavia (I was tempted to write ‘independence’, but thats an over-statement, nobody -except me- is independent) and clearly profiles as competitive opponent. Mercator uses cursing political colours red and white and the store is bathed in an overflow of cold white neon light, while TUS uses soft green and more dimmed light to create a ‘comfortable’ atmosphere. Obvious the store management looked at their neighbour, the employees are very polite, greed every customer with a smile and make way if you want to pass. They also regularly remove the rotten parts from the fresh food department. The non-rotten food is still the same crap like everywhere else though. TUS jumped in the ‘new world’ feeling that people must have had in the days when borders changed and the EC was joined (all that turned out to be very disappointing). Especially here locals had the ‘now we belong to the west’ feeling, so TUS presented themselves how the ‘west’ was stereotyped; well in the money middle class two parents working happy family. On TUS commercials you saw modern career women, and sometimes even a happy family husband. The food they offer is pretty much the same like Mercator. In the beginning a bit more orientated on the modern health hype (tofu imitation meats), but those disappeared quick, to expensive for the locals and real vegans are not interested in a meat substitute. So the store ended up selling the same rubbish as Mercator, packed in a different atmosphere.
The other two supermarkets are located on the other side of town. Both markets are typical low budget stores, so you know you are going to get rubbish. Low priced mass produced and sold food. Unpacked moved by forklift from the truck directly into the store. Often customers have to tear open boxes and industrial plastic wrappings to be able obtaining the product. Typical for these times. You have to work for it yourself, and instead of getting paid, you have to pay. Slavery people, slavery! All modern slavery, and you are one. It crawled upon you without noticing. Now I told you its time to get out. free yourself from slavery. Refuse to join this mass control Adolf Hitler would be jealous about. Anyway, I’ll come back on that one day, first the stores. One of these is called ‘Eurospin’. This chain is limited to a small part of Europe. I think only Austria, Slovenia and Italy, where it has its origin. Here Eurospin is settled in an old abandoned factory. They mainly sell Italian products. Its very minimalistic in its choice, one kind of most typical stereotype Italian food products (one kind of olive oil, one kind of beans,…..). It is always there, on the same spot, and never sold out. Its cheap, but the quality of most products is from inferior towards bad. Noticeable are the enormous sections of useless food; potato chips, snacks, sweets, cookies,….. and all in huge packages extreme cheap. Noticeable is also the overweight of most customers in line at the cash registers, their shopping cars overloaded with most useless crap thinkable.
The fresh food at Eurospin is as rotten like everywhere else, maybe even a bit worse…. You can’t say much about the employees. There are non. There are no racks to be refilled. The women at the cash register are efficient friendly.
Not far from Eurospin, a bit closer to town, is the last Supermarket that enriched this area; Hofer. Hofer bought a huge piece of ground to build a parking with somewhere on the end also something that looks like a building, the store?
I remember well when Hofer came. first they installed the sign. I thought they where going to built an Aldi (German supermarket chain). The blue A is from the Aldi design. I found it strange to see the words Hofer written underneath. Going into the store its obvious an Aldi. The set up and products (brands) are the same like Aldi in Germany. for those who are familiar with Aldi I don’t need to say much more. This store was no contribution whatsoever. The Aldi has the reputation selling the cheapest crap for the most poor in Germany. Their products are from doubtful quality. There is a lot to find on the internet. Aldi is more often accused of re-packing over-dated products or giving failed productions new brand names. I did a little research myself after purchasing a suspicious cheap paint. I could not figure out what the ‘move’ was they made, but the company mentioned on package was clearly ‘mailbox’ only, although there was a relation with a doubtful paint factory somewhere. Too many detours, there must be something fishy. Obvious this Aldi-Hofer is the same company, just named differently in this territory. Why? Business or reputation reasons? funny is that Hofer tries to establish a reputation of being the better, higher class, upgraded store (like TUS). Their presentation is very ‘yuppie’ and talking with some locals who think they are something like that, this indoctrination seem to be a success. Ask the average middle-class what the best store is in town; most will answer ‘Hofer’. Hofer offers products the same way as Eurospin (and Aldi), in bulk. They have a lot of ‘bio’ products, soya drinks and such, but from inferior quality. There vegetables look good, but are pre-packed like in ‘west’ supermarkets. You never know what is really underneath that foggy transparent plastic. Only difference with other stores, when the veggies start to look rotten, they give a discount (25 to 50% of the price) labelled with big red stickers. Hurray! More rotten food for lesser money! They also offer bio-veggies that way. It is always the same, limited choice and variation. The pre-packed veggies are not so good, even not the bio. How can they grow so massively bio food anyway? Sometimes, when in a good mood, I can get amused by the communistic attitude of Mercator, bare the fake friendliness of TUS, deal with nobody at Eurospin, but Hofer has a few things I get always upset about. To start with the products they offer. Besides a steady, but limited and boring stock of not very good food products, Hofer regularly presents temporarily available food ‘themes’, like bio, or Asian, or traditional German,…. A section of the store is filled with choice of that….. uhh …. period (don’t know how long it last, 3 weeks, one month….) Than suddenly that section is gone. These products are nowhere else to be found in the store, but return after 6 or 8 months again, ridiculously high priced. I find this extreme annoying, especially because I regularly use some of these products, lucky also available somewhere else, so I started to ignore this endless rotating section. Instead of winning customers, Hofer lost at least one. Another annoying factor in this Hofer is the military attitude. Don’t know about other Hofers, but here the customer is not only a slave, but also ordered around as if in a military training camp. These Hofer-Aldi’s are fuckin fascists. And many voluntary join…. The super sado masochists among us. The employees push you when they are sorting out products, they drill you; the empty shopping basket have to be placed on a special marked spot on the floor, and they yell at you when you don’t do so. At the cash register the employee pushes the scanned articles quick and rough in your direction. You are pushed to pack up and fuck of as soon as possible. Hofer, the modern Nazi concentration camp store! My leas favourite store in town, in the country, in europe, on the planet, in this fucking rotten universe. Hofer makes you think: Why did this fucking Big Bang had to happen!


More parking than cars in town. On the end the little neo-nazi building they call store…

So now you might wonder where I shop to stay alive. Well, I think like almost everybody in this town, in all stores….Yes even the hofer…. I choose what product is the best in quality and price per store. In Hofer I buy yeast (always bake my own bread), baking powder, …. In Eurospin the olive oil, flower (white), sugar, salt, coffee (surprising good for that price) and lots for the cats. They like their wet-food and its cheap. Mercator, uhhhh, mineral water, dry cat food, wine, plain tofu, wheat-flower,…. TUS ; mustard, they have good plain basic mustard I like a lot and…. uhh, I think thats it. Veggies and fruit I buy everywhere, depending on where/what looks good. I also sometimes get into the smaller stores for a few things. Lucky I am a vegan, so I don’t need to worry about diary, meat or other animal products. I make a lot at home myself (love to cook, look at many previous years posts, published loads of vegan recipes) Mostly I only need basic ingredients.
I know I am not the only one complaining about the bad quality of food, its probably world-wide. Point is that everybody keeps struggling on. Its about time we do something about it, or are you someone who follows the masses saying ‘it will not change anything’. Maybe you are right, but I translate these words into ‘we live in a fascist society, and I agree to be a slave’! GUN

Aug 252015


Aug 242015

Ok fuckers, lets move on where we stopped yesterday. for those who don’t understand, read yesterday first, you know what, read all posts on this site first. Keep you busy for a while. More useful than your twitting face (read ‘slave’) book. Slavebook! A good example of ‘rotten to the core’. And everybody eats this fucking rubbish. While you all think ‘exploring and discovering’ the great possibilities of internet, you are being controlled by a limited program telling you what to do. And how funny (foolish)….. you join voluntary!! You want to be a slave, obey the great master (program). And yes, the person who came with this limited system you love to serve is adored by the masses. Hurray hurray we love the guy who fucked us over and keeps our brains small. Honour him in tv shows, magazines and online crap plus lets give him 70 million! This master has half a billion slaves. fuck, I should deal in sadistic masochistic porn, there are at least half a billion people on this planet who (openly) love it. Big bizznix! But you know what, slaves, I’ll come back on this later lets return to the subject of the local (rotten) food here. food is important. We live from it, it directs our health, how we feel,…Lets take again these tomatoes. A popular product in this part of the world, and I like them too. This complete summer I have not seen decent tomatoes anywhere. All stores offer tomatoes that look as if they are on the point of starting to rot, probably lasting barely one day when taking home after purchase. These tomatoes are for sure 2 to 4 weeks old. Obvious out of a cooling storage. What happened with these nice fresh tomatoes? Its fucking hey tomato time! Stores must be loaded with fresh tomatoes. There must be something fishy (smelly) behind this. Mafia controlling food distribution? Probably yes, that means nothing will be done against. Lesson: Government = industry = mafia!
So let me discuss the store options in my wereabout. Like everywhere the small grocery stores got killed by big cooperation’s building big supermarkets with even bigger parkings on the edge of town. Locals, being used to obey and follow, drive like docile slaves in their latest (by bank financed) Skoda to these we-like-to-rip-you-of-more markets. The result is that almost all small groceries closed. Not that they where any better, but at least you could approach the owner personally if something was rotten. Of the 4 local supermarkets lest start with the most well-known ‘Mercator’. This supermarket chain is massively spread in former parts of Yugoslavia. Not strange, it was the only supermarket chain in Yugoslavia. And that is noticeable. Besides selling rotten fish, the employees also treat their customers that way. The policy of Mercator is ‘lets be customer unfriendly as possible’. Everybody working there tries to make you feel most unwelcome. The store policy is based on that. If a good selling product is sold out, it can take weeks before refilled.
And that happens preferable middle of the day, when the store is filled with customers. The employees try to teas you blocking hallways with their loaded cars giving customers barely chance to pass. Once one of these refill cars blocked exactly the product I needed, so I pushed this car a bit forward, what resulted in grumbling remarks of local employee. At the veggie section I heard a customer complaining about the bad (rotten) condition of fresh products, she got a bitchy remark back from another employee. My cats hate Mercator too! They sell their favourite food, but one time it was sold out, and not refilled for a long period. As if they want to direct the customer to buy a certain product. Well, I want choice, and I want my cats favourite food. Angry I smashed the packages of other brands on the floor and walked out, across the street, to the competition, where they had my cats favourite brand. What Mercator does not seem to understand is that the communistic days are over. Tito is death…..fore ages….. get it in your small stupid brain. You joined the capitalistic system (foolish enough – voluntary -). If you treat the customer bad, they will go to another store, the competition. And let me explain you some simple basics of capitalism: customer brings money – that money pays you – you loose customer – you no money – you no eat! Got it? Well, actually, fuck the money. Mercator nor their competition sells decent food anyway. In this town are 3 Mercators. One close to the centre, left from the ‘old days’, plus a new supermarket (with parking) on the edge of town and, surprising, they took over a small grocery in the centre (keeping it small). All 3 Mercators have the same policy of horrible unfriendly employees behaving as if they prefer to see you go (or better, never walk in). I must say, that Mercator takes their advertisement campaign ‘we are all ‘one’ again’ (yes, referring to the break up of Yugoslavia…..) literal. Maybe this can become a tourist attraction ‘have a nice taste of the good old communistic treat’. Mercator has the largest choice of products of all stores though. But the prices are impossible high. Often I let products lie because of the ridicules price tag. Many products are 3 to 4 times more expensive than anywhere else in the world, and their peanut butter sucks! Thats one of the ‘rotting’ reasons. Nobody here can afford such prices, so everybody lets it lie…. Yep, had more often the remark ‘must be cheap over there…’ Let me tell you, this is the most expensive country I ever lived in. I wonder how other inhabitants manage. But thats another post, many weeks from now. Besides having unfriendly employees, selling overpriced rotten food, Mercator is also champion in creating the most ugly architecture housing their stores. Horrible communistic 50ties design, pretending to be ‘modern’ but also due to very wrong choice of material, an insult for the eye. Here Mercator is proud owner of the most ugly building in town:



Tomorrow the other stores!

Aug 232015

A post, a good old fashioned post….and why not. Didn’t write for ages. Must have been more than a year ago. I only published gig announcements and such. Oh yeah, and my yearly yelling at those racist Dutch with their ‘Black Pete’. Heard that this year the Dutch government will take the presentation of this doubtful figure ‘in consideration’. Ha! as if something will change. Governments are nothing more than an extension of the industry, and Black Pete sells in The Netherlands. These Dutch will never loose their sub-consciousness racist attitude because Shell, Unilever,….. want them to keep obtaining this product. Thats politics nowadays. The industry rules (by the letter). Yeeh, I start of good. Think that last ‘Pete’ post is still pretty up front, and its almost that time again (only 3 months to go…). Says something about my lack of posting.
I have been writing a lot though, basically all the time, but not on paper, only in my mind. Didn’t find the time nor energy putting it all down….. But meanwhile this world became so rotten. Its time speaking out loud again. And for sure there are more, but I am still living without media, except what is told to me by mouth, analogue and direct. I have no idea what others are doing. Most experiences are out of my direct surroundings, and again, its rotten….. and people tell me its rotten everywhere. This world didn’t evaluate to better, but to worse. Its obvious there are a few in power fucking us over. Ok, that always was, no news here, but it got worse plus it seems everybody is happy by getting fucked, you even celebrate this and those who fuck you over the best get awarded, what again entertains you by attending shows cheering at those who ripped you of, tried to kill you, rape you, lie to you…… Its time those who see this start to talk, publish and make aware without fear. There will be many ‘complaining’ posts coming up. See them as ‘explaining’. I will mention everybody and every company by there real name, because thats what those fuckers deserve! Publicity about their shite. I don’t give a fuck. I am a free man, say what I want. There is nothing materialistic to gain from me. I don’t want to owe anything. There is nothing left to owe anyway, besides your own life. Money is worthless nowadays. All you can buy with it is crap. Doesn’t matter what the price tag say’s, cheap or expensive, all products are crap nowadays. Nobody cares about quality. You are all about have, have, have…… losers! Meanwhile did you try to buy some decent food nowadays? Don’t know how it is in your location, but here all food in stores is serious bad. fresh food is often half rotten. Tried frozen veggies once…also rotten. The local ‘bio’ veggie store isn’t much better, neither the ‘bio’ products in supermarkets. You just pay a lot more for crap. What means ‘bio’ anyway? How is it possible I see fresh veggies wrapped in same ‘bio’ brands packaging in many different supermarkets. How can a ‘bio’ product be so massed produced. Take this brand for example: ‘Alpro’, bio, veggie,…… But everywhere I come on this planet I see it in the stores. Even if you are on a jungle expedition in Africa, every trading post has an Alpro section. There is probably more Alpro produced than Coca Cola and Heineke crap. How do they do that, this mass production? Ok, its a soya-bean product, also mass produced, but bio? The answer is with the governments (read industry), they publish ‘regulations’ about what is bio and what not. Aha, the industry decides themselves if their product is bio…… that explains a lot…. bio a popular product nowadays…. ‘Go to the farmers market’ I was told. Tried that too, those two tomatoes I bought emptied my wallet. Ridiculously high priced, and at home I figured out it wasn’t better than any other tomato I purchased elsewhere. Those farmers take advantage from the bad reputation local supermarkets have, so they do the same, they rip you of. As I said earlier, the world got more rotten than ever…. Here I split the article. Its getting very long (and late). Tomorrow the rest and after that a lot more, you fuckers…..

Tomatoes for sale:


Aug 192015

We’re living in a conformist time. Most choose ‘follow and obey’ being their live challenge. An expected natural instinctively reaction. With the majority attempting to define the word ‘normal’, Shinafest becomes even  more absolute necessary.
Also this year we present you a small, but fine selection of artists. Surprising, innovating, different, challenging, pioneering, experimental,…… But, isn’t that normal?


Program :

Thursday September 10:

Impressed after following a workshop by graphic designer Wolfgang Weingard, Moritz got interested in typography, creating and transforming letters influenced by hip hop street art. He designed this years Shinafest (2015) poster, flyer and booklet. Moritz wil exhibit a selection of his work
Opening exhibition: 17.00
Location: Shop, Lapajnetova Ulica 21
The exhibition is on 11 and 12 September open from 14.00 until 19.00
Expressions are not only about the end-result. The way getting there is of equal, or even more, importance. Conformists are victims by missing out. A verdict by their own choice.
DKK creates an endless stream of sound supporting Moritz Junkerman exhibition
Opening exhibition: 17.00
Location: Shop, Lapajnetova Ulica 21
The exhibition is on 11 and 12 September open from 14.00 until 19.00
Movie by By Kaja and Sava Kosmač
Mario Marzidovšek (1961 – 2011) was an experimental music/sound artist based in Maribor mainly creating material in ‘mid 80ties’ Yugoslavian time. Marzidovsek had an unscrupulous attitude towards his work. Most of it he gave away and disseminated it all over the world, some parts of it he even destroyd himself. The documentary consists of preserved fragments
of the orriginal materials.
Time: 19.00
19.30 aftertalk with the makers Kaja and Sava Kosmač
Location: Shop, Lapajnetova Ulica 21
Exploring soundscapes of experimental electronica close to noise, drone and glitch based on improvisation.
Unpredictability of sound and primitive means is usually the key guide of the performance dynamics.
Time: 20.30
Location: Garage Trg O Ahacija

Friday September 11:

Kosana Maric (70), is from Loznica, Serbia and probably the only female guslar player in Serbia. Secretely she learned to play the instrument in her childhood. After getting married she got public participating many competitions,festivals and Guslar events.
Time: 20.00
Location: Trg O Ahacija
A “one inhuman band” on the playground of human nonsense, playing spontaneously improvised music.
Time: 21.00
Location: Trg O Ahacija
Artist: Revolutionary Hausmusik (D)
Time: 23.00
Location: BusBar

Saturday September 12:

– THE BALLAD OF GENESIS AND LADY JAYE (USA). a movie by Marie Losier
A love story, and portrait of two lives that illustrate the transformative powers of both love and art.
Marie Losier brings to us the most intimate details of Genesis’s extraordinary, uncanny world. In warm and intimate images captured handheld, Losier crafts a labyrinthine mise-en-scene of interviews, home movies, and performance footage.
The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye documents a truly new brand of Romantic consciousness, one in defiance of the daily dehumanization of the body by the pervasive presence of advertising and pornography, conveying beauty, dignity and devotion from a perspective never before seen on film.
The first public screening in Slovenia of one of the most remarkable documentary movies from 2012.’Best movie of 2012′ (The New Yorker), TEDDY Award (Berlin Film Festival-Forum), and many more……
Time: 19.00
Location: Machine House Inzaghi
Austrian composer and improvising musician based in Vienna, mostly using double bass, modular synthesizer, and speakers: processing input, moving air output.
Time: 20.30
Location: Machine House Inzaghi
music written through improvisation and experiment, strongly characterised by a sentiment of melancholy and urgency, consisting of elements that are linked to experimental and psychedelic rock.
Time 21.30
Location: Machine House Inzaghi
Artist: David Križaj (SI)
Time: 23.00
Location: BusBar

For more details visit:

Jul 062015

And some more pictures of the jam:

2015-06-30 19.08.22 2015-07-02 19.55.18 20150701_174704 20150701_174723 20150702_194438 20150702_194501 20150702_194521 20150703_133535 20150704_170838

Jul 032015

Almost slipped my mind. Free Music is ‘on the road’ again. US east this time. Its almost over, but here the dates:
You can still catch the last gigs this weekend.

Free Music! Stop America! East Coast Detour – SAVE THE DATES – June 26-July 5, 2015
DC Maryland West Virgina Baltimore Frederick Kensington Gaithersburg and beyond!
Rock Jazz Blues Industrial Kidz Improv Shakers Guitars Battery-powered Art Infinitized Street Theater Spoken Word
Feel free to join us and contribute your music, art, words, spirit, concepts of social revolution etc.

Friday June 26 – Gaithersburg MD
–  red-eye flyers sleep-in and later a possible back-alley jam since some of the neighbors who want to participate
will be out of town the next weekend

Saturday June 27 – Gaithersburg MD  – Back Alley Jam and Vegan Feast

Sunday June 28 – TJ’s house party and  little rascals jam – Windsor Mill MD  – 3-7 pm.

Tuesday June 30  – Gaithersburg MD, Kentlands downtown – random acts of music

Wed July 1 –  Frederick MD, outside the Eagles club on Patrick Street 5-8

Thursday July 2 – Kensington MD,  Howard Avenue near the Amtrak train station 4-7pm

Friday July 3  – Travel to Meyersdale PA in the morning, ride on GAP trail and evening Jam with Channel Cats Deep
Creek Lake 6-9pm

Saturday July 4 –   Morning play around in Western MD. Later –  Keyser WV, town 4th of July picnic –
Keyser Memorial Amphitheatre at South End Park in Keyser, WV with the Chanel Cats 6-9pm

Sunday – Local venues – Fell’s Point Square or other public space in Baltimore MD,

Monday July 6 – end

And here the pictures:

20150627_163945 20150630_140500-1 IMG_2649 IMG_2651 IMG_2652 IMG_2653 Tjs-1

Apr 182015

This week the Slovene band Aikula will perform their first ‘over the border gigs’ in Belgium and Germany.
Tags: ’70ties style underground rock with raucous vocals and influences from Balkan roots traditions.’
Aikula is a new band very fast settling a solid reputation in Slovenia creating amazing live performances. Although the combination of rock with traditional Balkan is not new, with this band it all seem to fit. Watching and hearing them play you don’t question their sound. It all shapes logically. Reactions in local press speak for themselves; “sound of the Balkan border”, “as if Ferus Mustafov and Velvet Underground jam together”.
Zoran, lead-singer from Aikula: “The sound came naturally. We grew up with rock music, but also were subconsciously influenced by the traditional Balkan tunes from our parents. For us it is logic to play like this.”
For Aikula, presenting a new sound, its difficult finding stages in Europe, but trying to get concerts out of Slovenia, there never were really bad responses. Reactions varied from ‘amazing’ to ‘I don’t know what to do with this’. Especially the latter indicates a remarkable ‘stimulating’ qualification, if from people working in music business.
It shows creativity and guts when a band like Aikula tries to convince listeners with an instinctively unconventional interpretation of music. Presenting interesting arrangements and professional playing skills but still entertaining and…danceable. So far nobody visiting their live shows was disappointed. Aikula is especially a live band! I invite you to convince yourself:
Thursday, April 23 Brussels Belgium, Bonnefooi. Showtime 22.00
Friday, April 24 Berlin Germany, Untertitel. Showtime 9.00
Saturday, April 25 Stuttgart, Wagons. Showtime 22.00

CONTACT: matskiatlimbabwedotcom