Sep 122018

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Sep 122018

Man in tobacco shop
reads ‘smoking kills’ on many packagings
His thought: ‘might give that a try’
“How many until it works” he asks the counterman
“No idea, it varies per person” is the reply.
“I’ll take 50 of these packages”

One week later
The man returns in the tobacco shop
and throws 50 empty cigarette boxes on the counter.
“It didn’t work. I like to have my money back”

Aug 252018

Zajdi, zajdi jasno sonce
zajdi pomrači se
i ti jasna le mesečino
begaj udavi se.

Crni goro, crni sestro
dvajca da crnejme
ti za tvojte lisja le goro
jas za mojta mladost.

Tvojte lisja goro sestro
pak ḱe ti se vratat
mojta mladost goro le sestro
nema da se vrati

– – – – – – – – –

Set, set bright sun,
Set, blackout
And you clear moonlight too
Run away, drown yourself

Sad forest, sad sister,
Let’s be sad together
You- for your leaves, forest
Me- for my youth.

Your leaves, forest – my sister,
Are going to get back to you
My youth, forest – my sister,
It’s not coming back.

Aug 232018

Solange man streit um zu gewinnen
hat man noch immer nicht gelernt zu leben

As long you battle to win
you still didn’t learn to live

Aug 192018

Daywasting in Germany

encounter often the question:
‘how come, that fluid tongue?’
Ad nauseam I fulfill the request:
‘born in border town’.
+ if in ok frame of mind
followed by the story:
Daily Germans crossed
primarily for purchasing cigarettes
presumed cheaper passing the line.
Contrary for us, teenagers
cigarette vending provoked reverse
fl 2.50 coin equaled dm 5,–
the machine agreed;
supplying cigarettes + change.
The neighbors would have been better of purchasing fl 2,50 coins.