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Saturday 13 September:Valada, Portugal; Reverence Festival
Tuesday 16 September: Brussels, Belgium; Beursschouwburg
Thursday 18 September: Bucharest, Romania; Control Club
Saturday 20 September: Berlin, Germany; Gretchen
Sunday 21 September: Paris, France; La Gaité Lyrique 

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Jul 272014

Not even gonna wine about ‘time’. Yep, I am still alive. Had some ‘informing’ mails over the weekend about ….. about….. oh well, about. Shinafest: THE BEST FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD! This year booked and confirmed: Alphorn Experience’, Borut Kržišnik, Partija, Matej Ocepek, Dallas Kingston Kollektor. Plus ‘Zelo Balatos‘, the heaviest and hardest ‘crème’ of Slovenian noise scene, crammed in a 60 minute jam. More names will be added! Keep checkin’ : www.shinafest.com. And yes, I will keep on adding more stupid video’s about Idrija and Slovenia on top. If you are/where never here, you never been anywhere!

Jun 272014

Busy and on the road for a week working gigs with Kylesa. Great rock band. Come and see. Here the dates I will be with them:
28.06.14 Belgium Dessel Graspop w/o Lazer/Wulf
29.06.14 Germany Wiesbaden Schlachthof
30.06.14 Germany München Strom
01.07.14 Italy Pisa The Jungle
02.07.14 Italy Bologna Freakout Club
03.07.14 Slovenia Ljubljana Gala Hala
04.07.14 Crotia Rijeka Delta Summer Street Session
Check for further more dates online, the tour goes on after Rijeka, but without me!
Soon more posting. I will find the time….

Jun 122014

Has been a while ago, my latest article. Got a very hectic 3 weeks behind me. Moving back to Idrija (Slovenia) while also on tour with PTV3 in Russia. Lots of work, packing, travelling, settling, unpacking, repairing (the new/old house) etc… No time for writing, but things are easing out, so expect articles regularly.
The move was intense. Had to leave a few good friends (see the video on top) and remains of Tomas (the dog). After his passing I buried him on his most favourite spot, a warm, but dry plaque of sand on top of the hill at the estate entrance. From there he often overview and guarded. A week before I left Tomas gave me his farewell present. On this spot where normally nothing grows suddenly appeared a beautiful flower bouquet, right on the edge of his grave. Tanx Tomas, you where a special dog, I will never forget you:



And Tomas:

Tomas 3

Idrija is more my home than the hinterland of Portugal. Its good to be back.
The Russian PTV3 dates where great. Nice gigs, good audience, great atmosphere. More dates in September (see below the video). Come and join the party of PTV3 live.

May 202014

Tour memories can wait. Its time for some wining. Probably some readers here noticed this before. The term ‘cheap is expensive’ became more true than ever. Mass produced ‘throw away’ products are not only expensive on long term but also destroy our environment. zfh[ 0=m (the cat just wrote this, tanx for your contribution). Anyway, there is for example this extreme expensive airline Ryan Air. How long do people still fall for their ‘cheap ticket’ lie. Besides adding additional costs for luggage and such, their planes take of, and land on logistically impossible places and times in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you can take airport transport to the nearest normal public transport terminals (trains/buses) but that adds again extra cost to your travel, plus these airlines fly either extreme early morning or late evening, when transport is hardly available. Booking hotel room, while waiting the night over for connection, adds again more costs. Often I realize flying with Ryan Air results in higher travel expenses compared with ‘real’ airline tickets departing normal times from main airports. Believe me, try it. I don’t look on Ryan Air pages any more. Can’t afford this expensive airline. Anyway, their flights are very uncomfortable selling shows, from lottery to overpriced waters. Not very relax. I prefer my cheaper KLM/Lufthansa/SAS/TAP/BA/…. ticket, comes with nice service, leg room, no extra costs and a free drink.Another cheap ‘scam’ I got exposed to is the ‘Chinese store’. Not the one with Asian food, but another, selling all kinda crap, from forks to radio’s. Let me tell you first that I live in the ‘hinterland’. Besides local grocery (barely offering something) there are no stores here (oops, not true, few stores that sell an unidentified chaos of products. From tools to cans with chick peas. But these stores only have what farmers need). So if I need something simple ‘modern live’ daily item, my only option is the Chinese, unless I drive 50km to nearest town offering decent choice. So here the issue. The computer mouse I use gave up, need a new one. I have 2 options: drive 50km or Chinese store. A mouse costs around Euro 5. Driving 100 (up and back) I thought is exaggerating for such an item. Lets gamble the local Chinese. There was one for Euro 5, it worked 11 days! Pissed of I smashed the cheap crap. The mouse is a preference, I can still use the touch-pad. A week or so later I had to be in the 50km near town anyway at a home improvement store. On the other side of the parking I saw a major supermarket. Lets give it a try I thought. Supermarkets like this have a big non-food section. Yep, choice out of several computer mice. I purchased one for Euro 4,70 (30 cents cheaper than the Chinese). It still works!The masses will stay the masses especially in todays enormous population. The group of idiots falling for the tricks of expensive ‘cheap’ companies will stay large, but on the other hand I notice a grow of ‘companions’ ignoring ‘cheap’. Spread the message, and let us force the industry to create a quality, safe and care-taking product. (can we trust cheap food……)

May 152014

Yes, the PTV3 Ukraine gig in Kharkiv on May 28 is cancelled. Not due to the political situation there at the moment, but because of logistics. You probably don’t believe this, but the band really wanted to perform this gig (and so did I). Problem is its difficult getting there reasonable travelling and fitting our schedule. Lots of flights are cancelled, other means of transport blow up our tour schedule. Sorry, next time. PTV3 will perform Ukraine one day!
Anyway, its time for a ‘cute’ factor on Limbabwe. I never do the ‘cute’, but hey…for ones:
Few weeks ago a bird built a nest on a broom that was standing upside down in the tool-basement (the door is always open). Nice cosy spot, dry out of the wind and unreachable for the cats. The bird is a bit nervous with me walking in and out, but got used a bit. Its dark and difficult making pictures, but here the nest.


You can clearly see her tail. When she was gone for a moment, I looked inside; 3 little egs. And now, few weeks later here the result:


Cute, isn’t?

May 042014

Busy, busy, busy….Ukraine or not? I am suppose to travel with PTV3 to the Ukraine in 3 weeks for a performance. We try to make a band decision if we go or not taking the unstable situation at this moment in consideration. Its a going on discussion, the opinions vary, but also the situation in the Ukraine changes rapidly. I am for going. In times like this the normal people who prefer peace and usual daily life, need support more than ever, even if its ‘just’ a cultural event, to forget the misery for an hour or two.


For the second time in a short period Vincent from France surprises me with a live recording from Pandemonium. This time its a concert on 18 February 1984 in Babylon, Hengelo, The Netherlands.
This recording triggered memories. I remember Babylon very well. Besides Pandemonium performing there very often, with a group punkrockers from Venlo we visited Babylon to see shows plus I sometimes went there with the PA (sound equipment) to service concerts. These drives where crazy. PA’s were big boxes in those days, never fitting a van, so I rented a small truck. After the PA was loaded there was sufficient space left for lots more and often crazy local punks decided to hop along in the back for the ride (and gig). It was a crazy time doing lots of foolish wild things I would never agree with getting older (wiser?). The youngsters in the cargo trailer sat on top of the equipment with door locked for a 2 to 3 hour drive, not able to get out until I came to open the door from the outside. Communication with the front cabin was not possible. In the cabin was only room for two! A kid that helped me out with the job and me. I remember not having a driving licence yet, but the help did. Often though he got so drunk that I drove home (without licence + people in the cargo trailer!!!!!). Crazy we were, but it was mostly that dusky time in the night/early morning where the roads were empty and cops having coffee breaks. I must have done some complete up and down drives too. At Babylon, backing up the truck in the alley towards loading door, I always demolished the rain-pipe (yes Guus, sorry, it was me….) disappearing in a blind corner of the mirror.
Guus was the local promoter, or more official ‘social worker’. All rockclubs in The Netherlands are actually social centres. People working there are on paper social workers. Guus was a great guy, easy with everything and supporting the local punk rock scene. More often he came to Venlo with some Hengelo punks visiting gigs in OOC/Bauplatz. It was the days that hardcore-punk was at its top in Europe. The often (small) venues (social centres or squats) where packed. Impossible to do nowadays. Ooc/Bauplatz had a max capacity of 300 divided over 2 rooms, bar and concert space. The place would be so full its barely possible to walk. Hardcore gigs attracted sometimes over 500 visitors. If I think about all the risk we took (we organized them – a group of volunteers-). I am still amazed nothing too serious went wrong, although it once did, but lucky the damage wasn’t to big. That was during a MDC gig where an idiot in the crowd pulled a knife. Panic all over, everybody wanted to go out at the same time. Impossible in a room with an official capacity of 200, holding over 350 people, and only two small doors out. I am still surprised just one or two people got little hurt (nothing to serious). On another over sold hardcore gig I ran around in the evening opening all doors and windows just for the sake of safety. Who cares some get in for free. All tickets are sold anyway!
Ok, time for the recording. I got the file dated 24-6-1984, but the gig was for sure on 18-2-1984. Online you might come across files of a Pandemonium gig in Hengelo 24-6-1984, that is this same gig you can download below. I am sure it was on February 18. Behind Rowdy (drums) hangs the Crucifix backdrop plus on the recordings Der Peter mentions that they are the next band performing. In their short existence Crucifix toured Europe only once, that was in that period. The February date is also mentioned on the ‘Babylon Revival’ site.
It was a wild night with many drunk punkrockers in the audience having obviously a good time. In the long breaks between the songs you hear them screaming and singing. They force Pandemonium to play the Toten Hosen (German punkrock band) classic ‘Bommelunder’, what they do on the end.
Online I found a picture of the gig:


There are many Germans in the audience. Its a pity if you don’t understand German or Dutch. Best part of this recording is the screaming, joking and singing inbetween the songs. Often individuals from the audience use the leadsingers mic. On the end of the recording, just before ‘Bommelunder’ I even hear myself talking.
Pandemonium, probably aware of the wild rousing audience ready for good night must have thought best is to start with a few classic hits. ‘Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s’ is the opening song, very uncommon for them, and they even repeat it twice more in this set.
The concert is originally recorded on a cassette tape. You can hear that clearly at the beginning, its that typical fluttering sound older worn-out tapes have in the first few inches. I am sure I recorded this tape. Its a recording from FOH (mixing desk) and I was the engineer plus the tape starts a bit in the first song. Thats so typical me. Until today I always forget to start recordings just before the concert takes of. Mostly after few seconds (or minutes) I realize to press the button. What ever happened to the tape then, I don’t know. Mostly I give recordings to the performers. Miraculous, after 30 years the recording returns.
I got the file with every song split individually. I thought the atmosphere of this particular concert comes out much better if it is one flowing gig, so its edited in one long mp3. No songlist, takes me to much figuring this out. Here the download:

PANDEMONIUM ‘Live In Babylon, Hengelo (NL) February 18, 1984

Recordings: Matski
01) Complete gig


Clicking the link opens a new page. Click on the text below zip file to download.

Apr 272014

There are reactions on my writings. Sometimes someone drops an email. Lesser, but still ok, a note in the guestbook. The emails vary. Some sent additional info about articles, others write serious comments, sometimes (barely) I get a stupid remark. I do read and reply all emails (if not spam). Incidentally this progresses in an email conversation (never lasting long). Last months I had a couple ‘weird’ short term mail contacts. Its strange how ‘understanding’ can come across, especially after reacting on my website. The Limbabwe pages are my private ‘open book’. My ‘style’ varies but is recognizable. Its not a gimmick, although sometimes I do put down one. But thats the freedom I have purchasing this space and do with it whatever I want. Ofcourse, this is also entertaining, otherwise it wouldn’t be public. On the end make from it what ever you want, see, read, hear or understand from it. That responsibility is with you, not me, even if I triggered it by expressing myself.

Today an email came in and broke. Dropped so hard in my mailbox, it slid down the screen, rolled over the table and despite quick catching attempt it slipped my hand landing on the floor in thousand pieces. Desperate I crawled around trying to figure out who the sender was. Useless, the damage was devastating. The old wooden floor, suffering decades of sweeping, heating, feet and tricycling showed its wrinkles of age by many cracks, bits and pieces disappeared in. An uncomfortable feeling arose inside me. What to do now? Maybe it was a very important email. I can’t even ask for a re-send. Who do I blame for it? The server? The mail program? The computer?
Confused I sat down. This is a complicated issue never discussed before. Did this happen to others also? Curious I typed logic search-terms in my browser : ‘broken email’, ‘destructive mail delivery’, ‘email falls on floor’,…. Many pages, but non directly relating my event. Am I the first one?
On the bicycle to the library. Maybe some books, written rapports, letter conversations, magazines or news paper give some info. Until closing time nothing. Confused and dissolute I came home. What to do now? I asked myself looking at the mess on the floor. In the kitchen I looked for the broom. Then suddenly an idea! Let me make a picture of it. This looks like art! Suddenly it all became clear! I am the first ‘broken email’ artist in the world! Expositions in famous galleries! world tours over famous museums! Louvre, Rijks, Warhol, Tate…. Every millionaire wants to pay lots of money to have an original ‘broken email’ from Matski on the wall! So here it is, the first ‘broken email’ picture ever. Ofcourse this is just a copy in low bit quality. Please make an offer for obtaining an original:


‘Broken Email’ by Matski, April 2014

Apr 222014

It has been busy weeks with many weird moments. Most of them positive. Good vibes from many people and activities. I forgot the few who tried to spoil this. Don’t let them influence this nice time. Change is coming up, moving into the right direction, but today too tired for writing, so here (since a long time) some pictures:
First the surrounding hills of my now whereabout. The forest became devastating. Its an eucalyptus plantation, not really ‘natural forest’. After 6/7 years the trees are cut (industrial use for pulp/paper/firewood..). Last year most of the forest was cut. Here pictures how it still looked last week. Lots of rubbish (the workers don’t clean), death burned pine trees sticking out. Devastating scenery. The fresh green are young ferns covering up some of the mess.

eukaramp eukaramp2

If you look well you see where I stay, the red-roof house in (about) the middle of both pictures.

And this is Sedi, the dog….


And me in the backstage of Tavastia club, Helsinki last February, making the ‘Serbian’ sign! (tanx Alice)


And here the church of Gol, Norway


Why?….Don’t know…. just fun and a nice building….

And, oh yeah….I NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!


Apr 162014

Correction on my previous post. I now do remember Loft did had an elevator. A real large freight elevator! But it belonged to the neighbouring theatre. The Loft was the loft of that theatre. The elevator could only be used if there was nothing going on in the theatre. That wasn’t often, but I must have been lucky sometimes. It was a push trough hallways entering The Loft by a backdoor in the backstage area. At least it saved you from lifting everything up the stairs.
Years ago I promised to re-edit and re-publish some old articles. All the time I had in my mind to do this at least with one, my story about visiting a Sex Pistols gig in 1977. This article was originally published in spring 2008. I edited the text a bit and replaced the links to the filmed live footage of this concert. The old links don’t work anymore.
For introduction: In 1977 The Sex Pistols toured The Netherlands mainly performing small villages in the middle of nowhere. The band was already world famous by then. Probably it was one of those ‘funny’ publishing ‘punk-rock’ stunts from the manager Malcolm McLaren. One of the gigs happened to be in a village (Maasbree) near my home-town (Venlo). I attended this concert. I was 18 years old. The gig was professionally filmed by a national Dutch tv station. It is one of the best visual concert material of The Sex Pistols in that period.
Here the story:
The pre-sales where a couple of days before (a week?), starting 8.00 pm at the entrance of the club where The Sex Pistols came to play. Maasbree was about 12km away from where I lived (Venlo). Got on my bicycle around 7.00 pm. Wanted to be sure catching a ticked, only 400 available, and somehow I had the feeling arriving at opening hours would be ok belonging to the first 400. In Maasbree I expected a long line in front of the club. It was 7.50 pm when turning around the corner, the street was empty. At the level of the club no living soul! Parked my bike against the wall, walked up to the front door! Nobody! The door was locked. A poster glued on with some celluloid tape, clearly announced pre-sales starting here this evening. The world wide most discussed rock band of the year is coming to play, nobody is here at the pre-sale! 5 minutes later few more people I had seen at other punk rock gigs, lined up. 8.00 pm the door opened. Was the first in line, the first to go in, and had ticked no. 1. The ticked was numbered by pen and sold by the organizer, Matje Nellen, himself. Still have that ticked.


The gig got sold out that evening by pre-sales.
A week later the concert. Again I left early. Doors open at 8.00 pm, better be there in time to have a good spot in front. Same routine, leave 7.00 pm and again, at arrival nobody there. At 8.00 the doors opened. I walked in alone. Nobody in the place, except in the front, on right hand next to stage, a few punk-looking people. Walked up to them. They came my direction, obvious planning to leave. I realized it was them; The Sex Pistols. I moved to Johnny and yes, you will believe it or not, but in 1977 THEE Johnny Rotten did speak two words to me : “Go Away”………………….. I stayed.
The place slowly filled up. A support act that I do not remember played. Now it was time for The Sex Pistols. People what can I say. It was a fuckin’ amazing gig. The Pistols played great. Sid was tough, Johnny was evil, Steve played great and Paul kept control. This band played for real. Of all punk bands I saw so far, it was the only one that actual could play their songs. For those who do not believe me. Here some links to the filmed footage of this gig :
Or better quality:
I am completely in front, left, were Sid Vicious is. Sid was 1 foot away (and his amp was on), Johnny 2 feet, I could touch them. Sometimes you see an arm of me sticking up out of the crowd. During the show I did what was common to do at punk rock gigs those days, the anti-rock star thing. You show you’re admiration by spitting. Sid and Johnny got a lot of me. One moment Sid grab his chance and took revenge by sending a greasy slimy one my direction. It got stuck on my coat, soon to be washed of by a fountain of beer.
The last song, Anarchy in the UK, Steve is a bit out of tune (never heard John Lee Hooker playing in tune either). A tray of beer travels above the audience heads, made it close to the stage, Steve quickly grabbed one, misses a cord. Sid and Paul keep playing. Johnny is of the track for a moment, lost his lyrics. Steve saves the song by playing a smashing solo and pulling the complete band back in line. Clearly Steve is the musical leader of The Sex Pistols. This band rocks.
Its good to see that some of my youth highlights is well documented. I had a great time in the 70ties (and decades after).