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28 may 2014 / Kharkov Ukraine / concert hall “Ukraine”
30 may 2014 | Moscow | «PIPL»
01 june 2014 | St. Petersburg | «Zal Ojidaniya»

And more European PTV3 gigs in September

Saturday 13 September:Valada, Portugal; Reverence Festival
Tuesday 16 September: Brussels, Belgium; Beursschouwburg
Thursday 18 September: Bucharest, Romania; Control Club
Saturday 20 September: Berlin, Germany; Gretchen
Sunday 21 September: Paris, France; La Gaité Lyrique 

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Apr 162014

Correction on my previous post. I now do remember Loft did had an elevator. A real large freight elevator! But it belonged to the neighbouring theatre. The Loft was the loft of that theatre. The elevator could only be used if there was nothing going on in the theatre. That wasn’t often, but I must have been lucky sometimes. It was a push trough hallways entering The Loft by a backdoor in the backstage area. At least it saved you from lifting everything up the stairs.
Years ago I promised to re-edit and re-publish some old articles. All the time I had in my mind to do this at least with one, my story about visiting a Sex Pistols gig in 1977. This article was originally published in spring 2008. I edited the text a bit and replaced the links to the filmed live footage of this concert. The old links don’t work anymore.
For introduction: In 1977 The Sex Pistols toured The Netherlands mainly performing small villages in the middle of nowhere. The band was already world famous by then. Probably it was one of those ‘funny’ publishing ‘punk-rock’ stunts from the manager Malcolm McLaren. One of the gigs happened to be in a village (Maasbree) near my home-town (Venlo). I attended this concert. I was 18 years old. The gig was professionally filmed by a national Dutch tv station. It is one of the best visual concert material of The Sex Pistols in that period.
Here the story:
The pre-sales where a couple of days before (a week?), starting 8.00 pm at the entrance of the club where The Sex Pistols came to play. Maasbree was about 12km away from where I lived (Venlo). Got on my bicycle around 7.00 pm. Wanted to be sure catching a ticked, only 400 available, and somehow I had the feeling arriving at opening hours would be ok belonging to the first 400. In Maasbree I expected a long line in front of the club. It was 7.50 pm when turning around the corner, the street was empty. At the level of the club no living soul! Parked my bike against the wall, walked up to the front door! Nobody! The door was locked. A poster glued on with some celluloid tape, clearly announced pre-sales starting here this evening. The world wide most discussed rock band of the year is coming to play, nobody is here at the pre-sale! 5 minutes later few more people I had seen at other punk rock gigs, lined up. 8.00 pm the door opened. Was the first in line, the first to go in, and had ticked no. 1. The ticked was numbered by pen and sold by the organizer, Matje Nellen, himself. Still have that ticked.


The gig got sold out that evening by pre-sales.
A week later the concert. Again I left early. Doors open at 8.00 pm, better be there in time to have a good spot in front. Same routine, leave 7.00 pm and again, at arrival nobody there. At 8.00 the doors opened. I walked in alone. Nobody in the place, except in the front, on right hand next to stage, a few punk-looking people. Walked up to them. They came my direction, obvious planning to leave. I realized it was them; The Sex Pistols. I moved to Johnny and yes, you will believe it or not, but in 1977 THEE Johnny Rotten did speak two words to me : “Go Away”………………….. I stayed.
The place slowly filled up. A support act that I do not remember played. Now it was time for The Sex Pistols. People what can I say. It was a fuckin’ amazing gig. The Pistols played great. Sid was tough, Johnny was evil, Steve played great and Paul kept control. This band played for real. Of all punk bands I saw so far, it was the only one that actual could play their songs. For those who do not believe me. Here some links to the filmed footage of this gig :
Or better quality:
I am completely in front, left, were Sid Vicious is. Sid was 1 foot away (and his amp was on), Johnny 2 feet, I could touch them. Sometimes you see an arm of me sticking up out of the crowd. During the show I did what was common to do at punk rock gigs those days, the anti-rock star thing. You show you’re admiration by spitting. Sid and Johnny got a lot of me. One moment Sid grab his chance and took revenge by sending a greasy slimy one my direction. It got stuck on my coat, soon to be washed of by a fountain of beer.
The last song, Anarchy in the UK, Steve is a bit out of tune (never heard John Lee Hooker playing in tune either). A tray of beer travels above the audience heads, made it close to the stage, Steve quickly grabbed one, misses a cord. Sid and Paul keep playing. Johnny is of the track for a moment, lost his lyrics. Steve saves the song by playing a smashing solo and pulling the complete band back in line. Clearly Steve is the musical leader of The Sex Pistols. This band rocks.
Its good to see that some of my youth highlights is well documented. I had a great time in the 70ties (and decades after).

Apr 152014

Oooh these tour memories: The slimy mtv crew. Does mtv still exist? Didn’t see a second of it for over 15 years. Have a few memories with them….and although nothing shocking, its still worthy writing them down. Think it all was with the band Consolidated I toured a lot (almost everything) with in the 90ties. They where a good going club-band. Typical political engaged San Francisco band commentating in their songs all kinds of unrighteousness of those days and ofcourse also mtv. But Consolidated was a band, and like all bands they tried to ‘make’ it (sell/make money/…). Understandable, we all have to eat. Consolidated did reasonable well so there came that invitation from mtv. Funny, I write it like this. What probably really happened was that the record company pr (propaganda) team sold Consolidated to a mtv show. I remember the visit well, but forgot the name of the show. Mtv most wanted, 200minutes of…. Fuck it, isn’t important. I do remember that the moderator was a horrible idiot. One of these types making you switch the tv of. Anyway, Consolidated had to perform (was it live?) on mtv while they had clear anti mtv statements in some of their songs. At arrival we where brought into a kind of backstage room. The host loaded us up with drinks and vegan food (most of the band was vegan). Very remarkable, they came with pizza, and on that pizza was cheese, ‘vegan cheese’ according to the host. The yellow stuff on the pizza for sure looked like cheese, think it even tasted a bit like it. We all thought it was ‘weird’. Are they joking with us or are they slimy? Does vegan cheese (I don’t mean clear tofu) exist? I never saw it somewhere else. Probably only mtv can serve ‘vegan cheese’. The visit at the London mtv building was for me also remarkable in other ways. Everybody behaved extreme slimy nice. They all had these tv-fake slimy ‘be nice’ smiles. Everybody looked like a mtv-star. Fashioned clothes, hearstyles, shoes, fake-smiles,.. Even the toilet cleaners joined the ‘mtv-look’. Obvious everybody inside tried to work up to…uhh yeah,… to what? The top? On mtv? Come on…. Anyway, the complete building stank after brylcreem, powders and cheap odours. Not my kinda surrounding. The mtv-ers probably expected us to be nasty political punk rockers ready to destroy their make-up and smash the studio. Until we left the building everybody kept repeating in their ‘dandy metro’ voices “oh you guys are so nice”, “you guys are really nice”….
Another time, Berlin, Loft. Is that place still around? It was (is?) literally a loft. The top floor of one of those typical caddish Berlin buildings. Been there often with bands. Still see the location (a roundabout with railway bridge overpass) in front of me. Nice friendly promoter, huge tall bold guy. But the load in! No elevator! Well, uhhhh yes, one of these small ones to send shoppings up and down. Doesn’t fit a person, so forget trying to squeeze in a flightcase. Gear had to be carried all stairs up (and down after the gig). Hell of a load in/out. Lucky the stairs where wide. You could walk up next to each-other, flightcase inbetween. Much easier than one person up pulling, the other down, lifting. Top of the stairs you immediately enter the venue through a wide double door. It was in the middle of the soundcheck (in those days I believed they where necessary) the wide doors opened and a mtv crew walked in. What is up with these huge tv crews anyway. They are always with 6 or more, all doing shit. Just for a few seconds ‘news’ (thats what this was about). 3 questions, some filming, all can be done by one person. All material filmed is on the end edited, reduced to a few ignorable seconds. These tv crews are a waste; camera person, sound person, camera assistant, director, light person, sound assistant, moderator, light assistant… It was a bunch. Don’t remember what the deal was, but I think it was agreed they could film and ask questions after soundcheck. Mtv was far to early and therefore disturbing. I got pissed of and walked up to them “out” I yelled. “but we are mtv” was the response. The wrong defence line against me. I never watch tv, neither mtv and tv is since late 70 NOT important. Nowadays (and then, in the 90ties) nobody watched (m)tv anymore. The masses waste time by just gaze and zap, not registering anything passing by. Tv is the lease important thing in the world, so if you are from mtv you have lesser claims than the garbage person (environmental cleaner), you are the lowest scum of this planet. “We only need a few minutes” was another defence line. Dear junior tourmanager take this advice: do never believe any tv crew whatsoever that they ‘only need a few minutes’. For these 3 seconds broadcast they need at least 2 hours. Tv is not only a waste watching it, but also making it! So I pushed the complete mtv crew (blaaaghh what a stank) through the doors down the stairs.

Apr 112014

Am I an ‘old fashioned’ blogger? From emails and other messages I somehow understand that ‘blogging’ the way I do is a bit ‘out’. Oh well… I probably keep on doing it as long this website exist. The word ‘blog’ doesn’t mean much to me. Its weird and I don’t understand it. When I started to write on these pages I wasn’t aware of the ‘hip’-nes, neither its called ‘blogging’. Found that out a year after doing this. Think I wrote a post about it then. Sure, I believe what I do here is not very ‘up-to-date’, I write for more than 5 years. Nowadays ‘hip’ doesn’t last longer than one minute, so probably yes, this is ‘out’. Also having your own site as ‘homepage’ is ‘out’. Your suppose wasting time with 100000000000 fake friends on the popular ‘free’ log-in sites wherein you can create your own page (obeying rules). That aint me, I prefer paying a bit money buying my own space and keep on writing because thats what this is: writing! Fuck blogging! Don’t mention that word any more. Tanx.
The first writing in April, this article. It didn’t wana happen. Have some things written down in my notebook. Yes, an analogue notebook, you know, these things made out of paper. To use this ‘tool’ you need another one called ‘pen’. Remember? No, you can not download these tools for free, but you can obtain them without paying…..

Oooh these tour memories: The slimy mtv crew. Does mtv still exist? Didn’t look at it for over 10 years by now. Have a few memories with them….and you know what, I complete this article when I feel for it…..Later!

Mar 302014

It rains again and according weather forecast this is not changing for a while. I had it here. Move somewhere else. Not that it will rain lesser on other locations. This spot is not designed for long extended rain periods. Overall weather is suppose to be ok here, so all buildings, estate lay out,… is created for mostly ‘nice’ weather, not half year of rain.
There is a new download added on the Pandemonium download page (click on ‘downloads’ in navigation). Vincent from France mailed me this file: Pandemonium live De Buze Steenwijk 13-10-1984. Don’t remember this gig, have only vaguely memories of De Buze (club). With all respect Vincent, don’t take following personal. I don’t understand the ‘collectors’. Some people send or direct me to extreme extended long lists of music material, mostly complete albums, concerts, video’s,… so many, its impossible to listen all of it no more than once. Obvious this is about collecting. Ok, I did some vinyl collecting in the 70ties, but never really fanatic. From some favourites I purchased all official releases, but never bootlegs, illegal tapes,…. Later I dumped lots of these records, realizing that most artists have only a few highlights in their career, all the rest is just to satisfy the bank-account of record companies managers. I think I simply like music so much, I have no time chasing doubtful sounding, bad performed, recordings only to complete a list.
Still its good some do it, otherwise this new download would never be available here. Tanx again Vincent. Here the download:

Recorded by: unknown
01 Amok
02 MitSchwarze Fahne/Demonstrate
03 TV Activity
04 Conned Again
05 No More Talk
06 Feelings Won’t Change
07 UN Real
08 Paid Of
09 Computerplay
10 Full Prove
11 Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s/Zuviel
12 Pogonaise
13 No Reaction
14 Suspect of Ignorance
15 Nobody Knows
16 Kill

Here the link: It comes a bit different first opening another page, click on the zip-title, your browser does the rest,

The angry journalist not on the guest list. Is the next on the list (what a ‘list’ post this is, should list it on the most listing post list – for collectors only) about my tour memories. Funny thing these ‘guests-lists’. Through time it must have developed to a weird ‘personal status’, achieving to be on it. I know Steve Albini makes a point of not having a guest-list, but he is a rockstar and needs something to be listed for in the rock and roll history books (since Bono took Afrika, Paul McCarthy PET, Niel Young Hybrid cars, Madonna MTV,…… as propaganda to sell more). I can imagine that in previous days the guest-list was for people you invite to the gig for a reason, f.e.: record company guy is interested signing you, journalist who actually will write a review, some poor friends who can’t afford the ticked, the crazy fan who wasted all his money on travelling following you and buying tickets, your mum who otherwise would never come,…. All good reasons, but nowadays it seem that everybody related somehow to music industry claims the right to be on the list. Get in for free! Exactly those people who do have a paid job and easily can afford purchasing a ticket. I did had that more often, the yelling journalist at the door because he is suppose to be on the list, just because he writes for a music magazine….. Once I had to bare the line “I better be on it, or….” Oh well, I thought, what can you do. All propaganda is propaganda. History proved, good or bad press does not sell more or lesser. Press doesn’t mean anything nowadays. Even in the masses grew an awareness that all media are spoofs. Entertaining, but don’t take it serious. I suggest that we ban the press from the guest-lists. Let them buy their own ticket, and give those spots to people who don’t have the money, but like to attend the gig.

Mar 272014

Had the remark more often that my posting is often ‘negative’. True, I mostly seem to approach subjects with a negative view. Don’t know why really. Look at my previous post where I talk about stage hands. Why don’t I remember the many great help I had from very professional local crew. After 30 years on the road all I remember is that one night where I had to deal with a few losers. Often (mostly) the local crew was very good. I had situation where the van/bus/trailer was unloaded before I realize it and (to my fear also) on stage cases where opened and getting unpacked by stage hands. These situation made me a bit nervous. The locals are unfamiliar with set up and special treats of some equipment. In situations like this I run over the stage giving instructions and warnings. Pity, don’t remember what and where these venues were. Probably that one ‘negative’ night was such an exception, I remembered it.
Anyway, something different what popped up in my brain walking this estate. Landowning! Real estate! Ever thought about it what a strange idea this is. The question went through my mind; do people own land? What is owning land? What means ownership of any real estate. Thinking about it the answer is: nothing. Owning real estate has no meaning whatsoever. It seem to be an agreement among people, everything else what lives doesn’t give a damn about it. The deer that comes here eating all figs shits on that ownership. Mimosa trees (the ‘owner?’ doesn’t want) keep on popping up everywhere they like obviously wiping their ass with that contract, aso… It seems most living organism in this ecological environment don’t care about that weird ownership only one kind can follow: humans. Anyway, they are just a minority in this massive huge amount of living creatures. They don’t even manage to overrule. So lets give up that weird paperwork and moving around money (money for what?). The world owns itself!
The bossy housemanager! Ha, another ‘negative’ tour memory? No, we all know that housekeepers of all buildings worldwide have an attitude of “I own this place”. Somehow they do, taking care of it as if they are the contracting party, trying to keep uninvited creatures out, and repairing all broken shit. Still, these are touring memories. Here come one. Troubadour LA. At arrival with the band (could have been many) I was introduced to someone who called himself the ‘house manager’ (no keeper). The man was very sympathetic and helpful, but after the soundcheck he took me apart (I was also the tourmanager) to explain me the houserules. Suddenly his voice changed. In a monotone speech he quickly rattled a long list of rules and regulations. I was astonished and surprised. Suddenly this helpful person changed into a machine, just for these 10 minutes (had the feeling it lasted that long). He must have learned this by heard and performs his little ‘cold’ act everyday a few times (LA Troubadour is a busy club). One of the best shows I ever saw from a housemanager. Until today I still see him standing there doing his thing he probably hates, but is a part of his job.

Mar 212014

Ok, again I am ‘slacking’ it, I mean, my posting. I am sick, suffering some flu that doesn’t want to leave. Its in me now for almost one month! Ok, not that bad like it was when this weird virus started to develop in my body, but its still there. Feel it under my skin. I am getting sick of this feeling sick every day. Don’t get to do anything than the highly necessary. My cure is either loads of anti biotic or decent dose of rock ‘n roll. The latter is coming up, back on the road again! Can’t wait (despite my memories writing here on these pages). Its in my gypsy blood, I must travel, plus I feel comfortable on that spot I spend last 30 years; the dirty black box called ‘rock-club’! Soon more about my upcoming travels. Russian dates PTV3 are announced on home page! Here more dates in September:
Saturday 13 September:Valada, Portugal; Tejo Festival
Tuesday 16 September: Brussels, Belgium; Beursschouwburg
Thursday 18 September: Bucharest, Romania; Control Club
Saturday 20 September: Berlin, Germany; Gretchen
Sunday 21 September: Paris, France; La Gaité Lyrique
Back to the memories; the lazy stage hands. In most venues stage hands and humpers are pretty ok. The worst I encountered was a couple in a Madrid venue (forgot the name). They where big guy’s with lots of artificial muscles. You know those types, work out on machines a lot and eat chemicals to impress women with big bulbs on their upper-arms, meanwhile they are weak pussies without strength not being able lifting the lightest cases. These ‘body builders’ in Madrid where clearly trying to get of easy. Oh well, I did most of the load with my mate. A bands backline isn’t that much, neither that heavy, not even an SVT with ns10. I let those fake muscles be: weak!

Mar 122014

March 12, 2008 I wrote my very first post on this site. Funny (remarkable – or not?- ) this was also on a Wednesday. Don’t know why I started to write. My first aim was bringing more life in the ‘static’ Limbabwe pages. I also started adding loads of new content from than on. So let this be a ‘looking back in history’ post. This is what I wrote:
‘Wednesday March 12, 2008 Communication channels became so easy to excess and payable. With a free obtained old computer that you’re brother dumps, and a free modem that somebody else does not use anymore because of obtaining a new laptop, you can access the world cheap with free software calling people all over the world or send emails for hardly any money. Still, despite all these modern facilities, people do not seem to communicate. They hide themselves behind the machines using cold meaningless messages. Are we really becoming more machine and lesser human? Is there anyone out there who understands that music is much more a form of expression and energy instead of a technical skill?’
At that time my computer was more upgraded to modern standards, but for sure I started years ago with some free obtained equipment. Became total autodidact in this. Not that I ever made it to an expert IT, but nowadays I work on a very small, low energy using, laptop with a Linux program I installed myself. Learned some things about computers. For example very quickly and most important; avoid all Microsoft and Mackintosh products. They only make your life miserable. The ‘open source’ software is the best, easiest, least vulnerable and for free! Besides only using open source I am often thinking to learn computer programming language. I am anxious writing my own programs and be totally independent with my own machine. I might become the ‘oldest’ programming student in the world!
Since 2008 means of communication developed very quick and like I wrote few posts ago, despite the technology and intense use of devices, people communicate lots lesser. So, not much changed since then.
What also still stands is that music is in the first place a form of expression, not a technical skill neither a commercial product. That the latter became common in nowadays societies shows a lot where humans on this planet are heading for…. the end – my friend!

Mar 052014

First the short trip with PTV3, than I got hit by a heavy flue I am still suffering a bit. Fever, hot/cold shivers…thought I had malaria, but according a local it wasn’t that bad, just the ‘black dead’! Aaaarggh, oh well, every dead needs a name, worst ever was ‘grateful’. Don’t need to ask: do you remember that heavy overrated country band from the US. Oh well, deadheads stayed after they all went grateful, youngster probably never heard of, and better be so.
Anyway, soon pick up my writing again. No more today, no picture either, just wanted to let you all know I am still here…..

Feb 192014

I should do a bit more ‘prove reading’. Last posts had some funny mistakes, but the good readers will interpret these the right way.

Its rock ‘n’ roll time again. Leaving today direction Norway and Finland. Just a short trip. One weekend with PTV3. Somehow I am looking forward to this. Its good to be out of here and travel a bit, hanging in the music ‘scene’.

Will pick up my tour memories soon. Maybe during the trip, otherwise next week. Depending on time and internet access I will try to keep you updated about this trip.

Interesting, Saturday February 22 is Genesis P Orridge birthday! Come to the Tavastia in Helsinki to congratulate…

See you all there.