Aikula live in Paris:



– Number 1. cd (dyi) 2014
– Absurd & Bizarre. cassette (Angry Love Productions – OTT37) 2016
– Mongrel Rock. Vinyl (Angry Love Productions – OTT38) 2017
– Grabbed By The Scruff Of The Neck. Free download. (Limbabwe 54) 2017
– Where I Belong (dyi) 2018 (

AIKULA was a live band. Best way to record an enthusiastic, energetic performing band is where they feel comfortable: in their rehearsal space. Within two days (weekend) Jeff Berner (Psychic TV, NAAM, Death Stars,…) registered AIKULA as they are for real! Live playing, besides some vocals, no overdubs. A ‘Guerrilla Recording’ as Jeff called it. Result is ‘rock’ as it suppose to be; wild, raw, dirty, overdriven, loud, energetic, different and original! Like on stage, a wall of guitar with on top raucous vocals. It rocks… ‘mongrel’ rocks……
rauen Vocals.