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Zip file with songs: ‘No link’ radio edit / ‘Life this Live’ Jef Berner production / ‘Rather on Cocaine’ Live in zagreb


– Number 1. cd (dyi) 2014
– Absurd & Bizarre. cassette (Angry Love Productions – OTT37) 2016
– Mongrel Rock. Vinyl (Angry Love Productions – OTT36) 2017.
AIKULA is a live band. Best way to record an enthusiastic, energetic performing band is where they feel comfortable: in their rehearsal space. Within two days (weekend) Jeff Berner (Psychic TV, NAAM, Death Stars,…) registered AIKULA as they are for real! Live playing, besides some vocals, no overdubs. A ‘Guerrilla Recording’ as Jeff called it. Result is ‘rock’ as it suppose to be; wild, raw, dirty, overdriven, loud, energetic, different and original! Like on stage, a wall of guitar with on top raucous vocals. It rocks… ‘mongrel’ rocks……
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Aikula live in Paris:
Aikula live in Cologne (song: Live this Life):
Aikula ‘No Link’ radio edit:
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Rock music is played and performed for almost the length of an average person’s lifetime. After such a long
period exploiting and experimenting, limits of possibilities appeared to be reached. Lately lots of younger rock
musicians feel inspired and influenced by their predecessors, often interpret and re-producing earlier created
sounds and structures. After all, rock is about dynamics, energy and enthusiasm. It is inevitable that a music
group raised with additional influences besides rock-history, arises in a territory where culture includes different
spectra of music.
Aikula is that band. A rock band, sincere naturally influenced, dynamic performing with enthusiasm and energy.
Media attempting to describe their sound speaks for itself: ‘sturdy stoner rock’, ‘ethnic hardrock carved from
primitive granite’, ‘Tough and very creative in expression’, ‘interesting noise and ethno moments’, a.s.o…..
Definitionable or not, main thing is that everybody who attended an Aikula concert, liked it!
(Matski, 40 years in/with music)

Aikula names their music: ‘Mongrel Rock’!