Aug 272017

The System

If you want to research the absolute roots of Aikula, you will end up at the very first line up of The System.

Formed by Zoran and Matski the first The System recording, released in 2002, was the most remarkable underground recording of that year: ‘Not Owned By The Music Industry’, besides a critizism towards the instant attemps of the industry controlling and commercializing underground music, the sound was a heavy in your face extravagant mix of noise/rock/balkan. The release came as a free cd and internet file, noumerously downloaded, sampled and used by artists and dj’s. The first The System release is still available here: as a free download. You will even find few Aikula titles performed in a different (early) version…
The System toured Europe in 2002 together with ‘Consolidated’. In 2003 Zoran turned the ‘noise’ project in a band with drums/bass/gitars, evulting in what became Aikula today.
To celebrate the 15th aneversary Zoran and Matski will perform one more time as the legedary The System, orriginal first version on Schienenfest, September 15, Nordbahnhof, Stuttgart. The performance starts at 21.00! Be in time!!!!

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