Kommt zahlreich und pünktlich!!


The System

Freitag, 21 Uhr

If you want to research the absolute roots of Aikula, you will end up at the very first line up of The
Formed by Zoran and Matski the first The System recording, released in 2002, was the most
remarkable underground recording of that year: ‘Not Owned By The Music Industry’, besides a
criticism towards the instant attempts of the industry controlling and commercializing underground
music, the sound was a heavy in your face extravagant mix of noise/rock/balkan. The release came as a free cd and internet file, numerously downloaded, sampled and used by artists and dj’s. The first The System release is still available on the Limbabwe download page of The System, as a free download. You will even find few Aikula titles performed in a different (early) version…
The System toured Europe in 2002 together with ‘Consolidated’. In 2003 Zoran turned the ‘noise’
project in a band with drums/bass/gitars, evoluting in what became Aikula today.
To celebrate the 15th anniversary Zoran and Matski will perform one more time as the legendary
The System, original first version on Schienenfest. Be in time!!!!

Antoine Chessex

Freitag, ca. 21 Uhr 45

Antoine Chessex is a composer, saxophonist and sound artist whose works assume a wide diversity of forms, crossing the boundaries between noise, modern composition, improvisation and electronic music. His live performances are characterized by textural density and microtonal tensions
often resulting in sound masses exploring the physical dimensions of spaces. Chessex presents his works worldwide and has collaborated extensively with Zbigniew Karkowski, Valerio Tricoli, Apartment House and Jérôme Noetinger among others. He is a founding member of the noise
band Monno.
“The tenor sax came out a couple of minutes into the set and sixteen flavours of fury were suddenly unleashed on the crowd. Seriously, a microphone inside the tenor plus some effect pedals equals a sort of shuddering drone but the reed-biting squeals took the whole thing way beyond anything I’ve ever heard live; by the end of the set, there was a wild man on stage, tearing holes in the fabric of reality with his horn and daring anybody present to do more than simply gape in awe ».
Nobody plays the saxophone as abysmal as Chessex, when transforming his instrument into a black distorted foghorn by the use of circular breathing, amps and distorsion pedals.

Kasper T. Toeplitz

Freitag, ca. 22 Uhr 25

Kasper T Toeplitz is a composer, electric bass player and musician who has developed his work in the no man’s land between “academic” composition (orchestra, ensembles, opera) and electronic “new music” or “noise music”.
He has won several prizes and distinctions; 1st prize for orchestral composition at the
Besançon Festival, 1st prize at the “Opéra autrement/Acanthes” competition, Villa Médicis
Hors les Murs (New York), grant Leonardo da Vinci (San Francisco) , Villa Kujoyama (Kyoto),
DAAD (Berlin), Giga Hertz Prise (ZKM, Karlsruhe), Hors-les murs (Poland), got numerous
commissions from the French Governement, the radio and works with electronic studios such
He also works with experimental or unclassifiable musicians such as Zbigniew Karkowski,
Dror Feiler, Art Zoyd, Eliane Radigue, Phill Niblock, Francisco Lopez, Ulrich Krieger, z’ev and
others…….. or with leading “new music” ensembles such as Phoenix_Basel or Zeitkratzer, and
through all those years he has collaborated with numerous projects of contemporary dance,
always proposing live music.
He has definitively integrated the computer into the very heart of his work, as a tool of
thought and composition, and as a live instrument, working on the sheer electronic noise or
hybridising more traditional instruments, or developing a huge body of work on the hybrid he
developped between his custom-bulid bass and live-electronics.


Freitag, ca. 23:25

RUMPELN (Anton Kaun) is negation personified and expressed in and by video cut-ups, sound experiments and high-energy performance which play off each other in anti-rhythmic succession.
The central theme to his solo-show is the mistake, the destruction and control or the loss hereof. To systematically provoke one’s own failure and in so doing eradicate any sense of security or notion of fear. He destroys in order to allow complex imagery to emerge, the speed of which demands a
sense of openness from the viewer and in so doing tears him along with him. Planning, practising and a compulsion for structure were always a thing of horror for Anton Kaun. He has a firm grip on that which is produced – the computer is used but is merely a tool. Anton Kaun takes the direct
approach somewhere between null and void.

Selim Hex

Samstag, ca. 0 Uhr 10

Fascinated by sound in many shapes and forms, SELIM HEX creates his unique site-specific stories through DJing, which he considers a vital tool of his self-expression.
Embracing and built upon contrasting ideas such as imperfection & beauty or melancholia & euphoria, his sets are often unpolished, shocking and yet inclusive. His aim as an artist/selector/broadcaster is not so different from what he expects as the audience: to surprise, provoke and hopefully inspire. It is a rave experience where noise and pop create new language for the restless minds.

Cello Baran

Samstag, ca. 3 Uhr

Live No DJ-Set No MP3 only Sequencer and Instruments
Die beiden Stuttgarter Künstler spielen seit geraumer Zeit als Live-Duo in verschiedenen Locations in Stuttgart. Zu ihren Lieblings Locations zählen die Waggons, wobei sie ihre Beats aber auch auf Events wie SEMF 2014 präsentieren. Erkan und Cello benutzen bei ihren Sets einfachste Mittel wie Korg Electribe und Fl -Studio. Sie bieten mit bewusst reduzierten Loopstrukturen dem Ableton-Wahn die Stirn. 16-Step-Sequencing und Freeware VST Plug-Ins gehören ebenfalls zu
ihren Auftritten. Neben den Live-Sets produzieren die beiden jeder für sich Musik verschiedenster Genres. Hört und genießt.



Kumiko Omura

Samstag, 21 Uhr

Nach ihrem Kompositionsstudium in Japan und Deutschland nahm sie an einem einjährigen Kompositionskurs am Ircam in Frankreich teil. Sie erhielt den Masterabschluß für Inter Media Art der Universität der Künste Tokio. Mehrere Jahre war sie als Gastkünstlerin am ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie) in Deutschland tätig, wo auch ihr Portraitkonzert
stattfand. Omura erhielt zahlreiche Preise, unter anderen den Irino Preis in Japan, Gaudeamus Preis in Holland, Biennale Neue Musik Hannover, den Förderpreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen und den Giga-Hertz Förderpreis des ZKM und des Experimentalstudios des SWR in Deutschland.
Ihre Stücke wurden unter anderen aufgeführt bei: Wittenertage für Neue Kammermusik, musica viva, Hannover Biennale in Deutschland, Festival AGORA, Centre Acante in Frankreich, Nuova Consonanza in Italien, Asia Music Festival and International Computer Music Conference. Ihre Portrait CD ist bei Fontec in Japan veröffentlicht.


Samstag, ca. 21 Uhr 55

“Resilient sound explorer, guitar player, essayist, theorist of anarcho-primitivistic thought and coorganizer of alternative scene on Slovenian coastal region. He is also active on Radio Student as
music editor and essay contributor. He reflects his anti modern society theoretical stance through
the improvised forms of sound explorations, while the end products, in digital format or analog
cassettes, are available for free for anyone who has the nerve to listen to decay of modern
Umdhlebi is an aural embodiment of hatred toward civilization and our culture. Praising the
industrial collapse and end of civilised man. Noise is protest not art!”


Samstag, ca. 22 Uhr 50

„Liebeslied“ durchkreuzen die erste Assoziation, die ihr Name weckt. Viel mehr als überzuckerte Süsse zelebrieren sie die zerreissende Kraft, die Sehnsucht und bedinungslose Hingabe, die Liebende fühlen. Das Trio aus Berlin und Basel abstrahiert Elemente der Noise-, Drone-, Club- und
Rock-Musik zu Liedern über Neuerweckendes, Liebgewonnenes; nicht unangestrengt aber extrem/schön. Die Musiker Nico van Wersch (Gitarre), Michael Anklin (Drums) und Jan Sutter aka PYXE (Sampling, Live Electronics) haben durch ihre Liebe zu elektroakustischen Instrumenten und zur Erweiterung klanglicher Horizonte und Mittel zueinander gefunden. Um Liebesgeschichten zu erzählen abseits vertrauter Songstrukturen.


Sonntag, ca. 00 Uhr 5

“Krakspeech”: live Hörstücke von und mit Jürgen Palmtag a.k.a. TESTPILLOTT; ein Hybrid aus Sprechimpro / analog / digital / sich trauen, in offenen, unsicheren Möglichkeiten zu denken und zu handeln / Sampling / Song / Störung / Krach / Puls: Hörkino, gut organisiert und aus dem Ruder laufend… (Assoziationsextase!!!)

Schranz Francesco

Sonntag, ca. 1 Uhr 5

Einmal quer durch den elektronischen Rübentechnogarten mit Schranz Francesco.
Disappointment guaranteed!


Sonntag, ca. 3 Uhr 35

A tribute to Mika Vainio


Licht: Roland Batroff
Malerei: Lena Münch