Aug 122022

Also this year a new Xciting event in September XY?



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More info about his new project here soon.


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Jul 022022

This year on XCITING XY: DUMA from Kenya. Ornette Coleman meats Napalm Death. A mix of industrial, experimental, noise, metal, punk and jazz. Duma is the new sensation from Africa performing all important festivals this summer, also at XCITING XY on 23 September, Stuttgart Germany.

Jun 292022

After years not posting I might start again throwing shit on this page. Lost all my visitors anyway. Nobody reads this.
A ‘new’ download is added. An old Limbabwe release Zwaar Klote/Incest missing in the free downloads:

Something I planned to post years ago, Twin Peaks (also forgotten) and Coopers coffee. re-watching old episodes I picked out a moment where clumsy deputy Andy encounters Lucy in the kitchen of the sheriff station (I think its episode 6). Lucy just starts to make coffee, and drops the box of little coffee bags. I froze the screen (and made a screenshot). The brand is not readable, but obvious, this is one of the worst supermarket-coffee available in those days.
Of course, Cooper with his attitude to coffee was one of Lynch jokes. Especially on places where Cooper was admiring the quality, are known in the U.S. as the places serving the worse coffee.

Oct 262021

Last month live on stage in Denver for the first time after 25 years:


And two days later in Chicago:

Jul 162021

The Xciting program schedule is almost completed. Time to introduce all artist. An exclusive start… Specially made for Xciting: the teaser of ‘Beware Of The Agent B‘. The first movie created by the legendary Cortex (Alex Buess/Roger Graf).
The film is a documentary drama about an undesirable, inhospitable world, kept on the verge of unreality. ‘a fictional time in the fairly near future…’
Xciting presents the premier from a 40min pilot on Saturday 25 September.
Xciting Festival, 24/25/26 September, Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Innerer Nordbahnhof, Stuttgart, Germany

Jun 162021

XCITING 2021. Presents again this year an international, variable PROGRAM. These artists definitely confirmed:
From Poland the legendary KSIĘŻYC, Slavic folk meets psychedelia. / A borderless Audio Visual performance of THE LAPPETITES (international). / One woman noise KIKIRIKI (Slovenia). / First appearances in Germany from the transnational artistic collective MÈCANOSPHÈRE (Portugal/France). / And also for the first time on a German stage the new Russian project PONOMAREV/OBRAZEENA MASSACRE. Also from Poland; restlest sound textures of PURGIST. / The Ukrainian avant-garde singer-songwriter SVITLANA NIANIO. / JEROME NOETINGER, a tape recorder wizzard from France. / From Norway AVANT JOIK creating contemplative atmospheres of the North. / a sloping dancefloor music and noise sharpened sound system from France: A_R_C_C + Pilot world premiere of the very first CORTEX movie by ALEX BUESS and ROGER GRAF (Switserland).

  • The festival will partly be presented on different locations in Stuttgart. Kunstverein Wagenhalle stays the main homebase.
    Who plays when and where will be published later.
  • This year the festival is extended with one more day. Most artists will perform in the evenings of Friday 24 and Saturday 25. On Sunday 26 the festival closes with a special late afternoon performance.
  • Day-tickets, € 30 a day/ € 10 Sunday, will be available from August 1st. Ticket links will be published here and on Xciting website.
    More info soon.
    Xciting Festival. 24/25/26 September 2021. Stuttgart Germany.
    Xciting is Funded by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart Kulturamt, Kunstverein Wagenhalle
Jun 162021

Lyrics of the album ‘We’re Already There’