May 122018

‘Artists will never change the world. Soldiers and scientists, they change the world. After, artists are instructed to create a monument. They are individualists with wrong ideas like anyone else. Whatever change of system, they will be the first thrown in prison.’

Came across this line somewhere. Somehow there is a certain truth in it. We all just dream on waves of entertaining art-creations like paintings, movies and especially music. The thought of a better world makes us feel good. But ‘Blowin In The Wind’ and ‘Imagine’ changed shite, nor any similar song did or ever will.
Alexander (the Great) or Che changed the world in some territories. They were soldiers, although Che did base his attempt on an earlier published philosophy. The invention of f.e. electricity and car did drastically change our way of live.
And yes, that inspired many artists.
Meanwhile, humanity seem to float on only wrong ideas. As long thinking exists, every idea was declared ‘wrong’ after some time. Call that ‘life’.
And yes, after every system change, everyone who didn’t fit the average was considered a danger to the new (soon wrong) idea and was eliminated. Most artists belong to this group.
But nowadays that kind of threat is vanished. Everybody, including artists, joint the boring middle class, fulfilling average needs. A new revolution? Meanwhile the old revolution ended up in our museums:

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