This download is not a Limbabwe release. Jan is the former guitar player from The System. He recorded and released this cd independently made and distributed a few copy’s among friends. He wanted to leave this recording somewhere online and asked me to put it on the Limbabwe site. After listening I thought the recording is interesting enough that more people have access.

Please do not overwhelm me now with music to download from my site. I am very critical in what I accept. Expect a no without exception.



Jan recorded this cd all alone. Its funny, dramatic and dynamic. The cover was an orange A4 sheet folded to ‘cd-cover’ size. On the front it shows a whale, the back the song titles. The cd label was blanc.


Recordings performed/created/engineered/produced/mixed/mastered by Jan.


1 Partizanen!
2 Cannibal Dinner
3 Bursting Mellow Melody
4 Inflation Field
5 Fractal Surgery
6 Make This Stupid Guitar Go Away
7 Relaxing In Deep Sea Water
8 Hangover In The Jungle
9 Sunny Day
10 Resolution 4

You can download RELAXING here:

http://www.limbabwe.com/e107_files/Music/Jan Relaxing.zip

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