Dec 202020

What road crew is lacking since the lock downs:

Lack of sleep/traveling/the sights the smells/rock ‘n’ roll/supportive security/late night dinner/never curing flu under your skin/cash on hand payments/smelly bunk/the bar waitress/the venue catering/the energy/the forever ‘where your from?’ question/lazy stage-hands/Spinal Tap quotes/almost never lucky in scoring/dealing with macho colleges/hammock under the stage/wining musicians/
Dragging amplifiers/the white line/broken PA systems/making a wrong turn/Anette/smelly vans/forgotten acquaintances/envy among colleges/having a good time/not bothered about world problems/the ‘family-crew’/full whiskey bottle emptied in a few hours/shitty sound-booth location/toilet stop/one hotel shower room for 18 people/holding on to the mixing desk so you don’t collapse/DB limitations/early hotel check-in/bad gas station food/the live music/snow and rain at load out/always in sweaty clothes/promoter trying to rip you/the street gang around the corner/guest-list arguments/before breakfast hotel check out/fucked up navigation/bossy house-manager/annoying journalist/sunny day you could not enjoy/van breakdown/too small venue and stage/snobby unimportant VIP (very impossible person)/crowded backstage with empty fridge/record company dinner/violent security/stressed stage manager/MTV crew getting on your nerve/ the 1 minute before show start audio output request for recordings/crappy in-house lights/a promoter for more than 40 years in the same office afraid missing that one hip band/3 times returning pizza to the waiter because its not the ordered vegan one/hip bands forgotten after one year/club managers lying to themselves/ridiculous band riders/inexperience local sound technicians/talks about other bands/cold hotel rooms/reliable promoters/arrogant local sound technician/day-of that makes you more tired/waiting…waiting…waiting…/coach back lounge/fairly easy available drugs/borders, where they still are/eating, but not hungry/venue’s home-cooking/5 minutes of fame/selfish driver/desperate WhatsApp message send home, keeping up the idea ‘I have someone there’/mistakes in hotel reservations/laundromats/video games/private accommodations/musicians wife visiting/merch arriving the day you left/room sharing/airplane delays/lost luggage/dirty toilets/tracing packages following you for 2 weeks/dripping hotel shower/… + so much more…….
The double door/Paradiso/SSE Wembley Arena/Effenaar/La Loco/Knitting Factory/K4/The Grant/American Music Hall/Troubadour/RAI/Garage/Zap Club/Pfefferberg/ABC/Escape/Astoria/The End/Nice n Sleazy/The Forum/Kino Ebensee/Forum/…… and many many more…..

General observation of the corona situation: FEAR WINS FROM FREEDOM

Dec 112020

Whayugot? 2015
Watson Kendall: Beats, production
Adam Sherburne: Vox and guitars


Oct 272020

CONSOLIDATED – ‘Robot Flamenco’. Video by Ayelet Hai


Oct 072020

Somewhere in Europe. Gig in Corona-times under corona regulations (seated with distance). Still… some try to dance…

Aug 262020

Ghost Producer. Live on Xciting Festival, Stuttgart, Germany. Friday 25 September.

Aug 172020

Consolidated ‘The ol’ mass extinction blues’

Video by Ayelet Hai

Jul 312020

New song and video from Consolidated. Video by Ayelet Hai. Amazing artwork!